Green Death

Mexico is currently gearing up for a big round of political elections in July. By gearing up I mean to say that every wall, in Mexico City at least, is being plastered with the faces, party slogans and symbols of the political parties here. If a wall doesn’t have a poster on it, that’s because someone has painted the message on the whole wall instead. Maybe ten feet in height by thirty feet in length. Aye, there’ll be no escaping this election. It should though be mentioned that most of these faces do look like escapees. From prison, or the asylum, take your pick.

To summarize the political parties competing. The PRI held the country in a one party dictatorship for 70 years until 2000. The PAN then ousted them and are scheming to run the country for the next 70 years. The PRD are a large group of market stall holders who would love to run the country forever, and will enter into any coalition going to further their aim. The Green Party, meanwhile, want to spread love, install litter bins and then grow huge forests of trees, from the branches of which they intend to hang people. Because they care about life. Yes, really. Their words, not mine.

It does seem a bit bizarre. A Green party putting the death penalty into its manifesto. But it’s true, which is why the rest of the worlds green parties are giving them something of a cold shoulder. I think this is what they call ‘jumping on a bandwagon’. Also known as ‘selling out’. Anything to get a few more votes. What I really love about their advertising campaign though, beyond all else, is that they have recruited a very attractive senorita from pop group Rebelde (Mexico’s Spice Girls – I know, there are boys in the band too, but they are gay, so…) to put out their message.

As the words ‘death penalty’ slips off her tongue, her perfect rose red lips don’t for a moment break from the (surgically implanted?) perma-smile that is otherwise so enchanting. If the volume were muted, you’d swear she must be offering free sweeties to all children. If I find the video on YouTube, I will of course post it. Death has never looked so tempting.



7 thoughts on “Green Death

  1. steve roche says:

    A you-tube video ( from up here in San Miguel tells us
    that Lucy Nunez is basically the devil, or something. I don’t speak much Spanish, but I can still enjoy it.
    It’s so bad, it’s… bad. Is that actually the sound of vomiting, before her name comes on screen?

    The other candidate, a big fat guy named Cristobal (PAN) seems to have all the money. His promos play in between
    movie previews at the local cineplex. They naturally show him meeting happy working people (actually, only MEN),
    and the only women pictured are fat and pregnant, or holding kids, or mopping. This is the guy, I said to myself, who will win. He also has a happy theme song, which all the children sing. La La La La. Into the Future. La La la!
    Or is it ‘Return to the Future?” Like I said,I don’t speak much Spanish yet.

    The Green party also runs promos at the theatre.. they are well-edited, well-shot pieces, where an attractive
    guy and gal are talking to you, the viewer, as if you are an adult. Of course we can’t have that! They’ll lose.

    The death penalty thing.. I’m willing to bet they’ll run on it, but then ignore it once they are elected. But they won’t be elected. This is Guanajuato, after all. They’re so conservative that they’d deliver a baby from a dead woman before they would allow an abortion.

    Which brings us to Lucy’s theme song, where the children sing that “Lucy will .. (something- something) mas tarde” I’m guessing that Lucy Will Do Something Later, which sort of nails it, IMHO.

    San Miguel GTO


    • The attractive girl in the Partido Verde cinema ads is the singer from Rebelde. I don’t know if she is a devil too, but I’d like to see her in a skimpy red costume with horns and whippy tale. But enough of my fantasies and back to politics….except the concept of political honesty in Mexico is a fantasy. Sadly.

      A governor in northern Mexico last year started this current ‘Death Penalty’ campaign. He, I believe, includes Ciudad Juarez in his jurisdiction. He may have the wrong solution, but you can see where he’s coming from. The Green Party on the other hand are just trying to grab a few extra votes by appealing to fear. They may well get a couple of extra votes. Add that to the couple of votes they usually get and they’ll have a good election. Still in last place and effectively nowhere, but still…

      Although it has to be said, their alliance with Fox (of the Vicente kind, not the 20th Century variety) in 2000 did help him gain the presidency.

      On Fri, Jun 5, 2009 at 5:56 PM


  2. VatoLoco says:

    I remember when i was young and in high school, i had an assignment to do some research of the basic principles and ideas of Mexico’s political parties. I first looked at the “3 big ones” (PRI, PAN , PRD), and found articles at least 50 pages long each detailing everything they want to do and what they don’t.

    Then i looked for the Partido Verde’s article, and i found, two whole paragraphs, written poorly.

    Its such a joke and a shame that that party still exists today, sucking on public money.


  3. steve roche says:

    Perhaps the Partido Verde is still the lesser of 3 evils.. at least they might have the international Green party
    leaning on them, with regard to death penalty and human rights. That is, if they ever had enough money
    to steal back the election from the other two parties.. oh, well.

    I’d love to see the video– ruby red lips mouthing the words ‘Death Penalty”.. for the Tele-hit generation.
    Brilliant! (from a PR standpoint, at least)

    Sad, for the rest of us.


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