Feasts – Mexico

I’ve just finished watching an excellent three part series on international feasts by the BBC.  The first episode took in some rather bizarre tiger festivals in India, whilst episode two went to Japan. But it was episode three I was really interested in. Mexico. With two festivals the focus of Stefan Gates interest. Opening in Mexico City with the all important 15th birthday celebrations of Mexican girls, and then travelling on to Oaxaca to find out more about Day of the Dead.

For those who know Mexico well, there won’t be anything terribly new here, but it is a very enjoyable show nonetheless, and worth watching. For those who don’t know Mexico very well, I would hope it will encourage you to actually come here and find out more in the flesh – tourism here in Mexico has been decimated and a lot of people in that industry are in great need for a few customers.

Want to watch the show? If you live in the UK it is still available, at the time of writing, on the BBC iPlayer. Alternatively, you could always investigate the possibility of downloading it via Bittorrent. The link goes to Mininova, however, you’ll need to register with another torrent site that actually hosts the torrent. Easy enough, and also a good resource for British TV.


2 thoughts on “Feasts – Mexico

  1. I have just finished watching this program “Feast: Mexico” using the BBC iPlayer.

    Of particular fascination was the emotional journey that the presenter, Stefan Gates,
    went through during the “Day of the Dead” celebrations, and the generous guidance
    given to him by the Mexican people in order that he could understand their festival.

    I was impressed by the under-stated, and almost old-skool BBC style of the
    presenter: not trying to show-off; not trying to be kool; but simply trying to share the
    spirit of Mexico with us through his experience.

    Very much like Louis Theroux, but, er, sincere! 🙂


    • He did seem to want to participate, rather than just comment, which showed through pretty well. And although he was opne about the preconceptions, and biases he brought with him, he didn’t let them get in the way of his experience. I’ve just watched it for the third time in two days…in classes. It was a really good show.

      On Sat, Jun 6, 2009 at 5:31 PM


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