Mexican Brands

If someone asks me what I miss about the UK, I can usually reel off a fairly substantial list of things. Starting with cheaper electronics. And then on to products, and I’ll often name the product by brand. McVities Jaffa Cakes for one. Because, nice as they are, Sainsburys own brand ones aren’t quite a nice.

Will I be quoting brand names of Mexican products in a few years time when, back in the UK, I’m asked what I miss about Mexico? Probably not. Time will tell, but I’m pretty certain the weather will be top of the list. Followed by a range of heart attack inducing foods that I’ll probably be better off without anyway. Health wise.

Mexico does have quite a range of famous brands though. I collected ten logos of the top brands in their categories for the image below. They are not all necessarily famous. One in particular will have most people stumped I reckon – although it is not only the number one brand in its category, it’s the only one. But they are all Mexican though. Anyone care to try and name all ten?



9 thoughts on “Mexican Brands

  1. steve roche says:

    the Bimbo bunny, or bear, or whatever it is, is just scary. Doesn’t he/it also sell a toilet paper or a disposable diaper
    in the States?

    When I first saw Bimbo trucks in the streets, I so wanted a bunch of leggy blondes to hop out,
    perhaps in smart, flight-attendant uniforms.

    Oh, well. thanks for the diversion. I had a horrible 14-hour drive down from the border yesterday, where
    policia in Monterrey stopped us for three hours, trying to shake us down for $2,000 USD. They finally got
    6,000 pesos, and all our cards, etc, leaving us with not enough to get to SanMiguel or Queretaro (gas, cuotas, etc)

    but we made it back to san miguel by 3 am.

    Never expected highway mordida cops to threaten death (hands over head, face the wall). Monterrey cops, perhaps.



    • That’s outrageous. The concept of the mordida recently seems to have been corrupted, if you’ll forgive the pun. It used to be pretty much a set amount, but I have heard several stories, and experienced one myself, that suggests it really isn’t a mordida anymore. It’s just plain robbery. Highway robbery in your case.

      On Tue, Jun 9, 2009 at 5:44 PM


  2. Daia says:

    Lol, I only got 7 out of 10: Liverpool, Corona, Aeromexico, Banorte, Telmex, Cinemex, Bimbo. I don’t recognize the others, ahaha…


  3. I’ll give you the rest…I reckon 7 out of 10 is as good as anyone’ll do!

    From left to right, top to bottom….

    Liverpool, Corona, Aeromexico

    Telmex, Banorte, Mastretta,

    Cinemex, Soriana, Cemex, Bimbo

    Mastretta was the oddity. Mexico’s only sports car maker.


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