Bring Out The Barricades

It’s started.  A little early if you ask me. The elections are a few weeks away yet. But nonetheless, members of the PRD, specifically those supporting some dame named Clara, turned up outside the big IFE building last night at about 10pm. IFE being the body overseeing elections in Mexico. The centerpiece was an old VW camperwagon, adorned with Clara posters on every spare panel, with the obligatory loudhailer attached to the roof.

There were a few other vehicles too, and about twenty followers, keen to add noise to the loudhailers indecipherable distortion. Although what was being said was not of great importance. The fact that the speaker was clearly angry was the real point.  It didn’t take long for a group of them to decide that traditional means of protesting should be employed, and the cars and people manoevered themselves into place, and Eje 3 was blocked.

It brings back such fond memories of 2006, when the election was won by PAN’s Calderon, much to the distress of Obrador and his PRD supporters. Then they camped outside the IFE building for months, screaming, shouting and going through countless packets of Duracell in keeping their loudhailers in use. There were far fewer people last night, but they stayed long enough and protested loud enough to keep us awake into the small hours.

Which political party do I support, or think most highly of, in Mexico? None as of yet, but should any include in their manifesto a plan to ban loudhailers, car horns and general screaming from the hours of 10pm to 8am, they’ll get my support. Are you listening Green Party? I could easily overlook your Death Penalty Plan. What’s a few hangings if I’ll get a good nights sleep…



2 thoughts on “Bring Out The Barricades

  1. Loudhailers? Is that some Limey word for loudspeaker? I imagine so. Good you guys keep the language rich.

    Regarding the protesters: I recommend the neighborhood be cleared of decent folks before a small nuclear device is detonated.

    Or simply turn them over to the Green Party (I love those guys) who can cut their throats.


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