Different Gods

Mexico has been home to many gods over the years. The Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs all had a decent selection. The Spanish brought theirs to add to the mix, and did their best to kill all the others. But a new invasion is under way. Now I’m sure the Jehovah’s Witnesses at al have been here for quite a while, but they definitely have a campaign going. I’ve been stopped by English speaking Jehovah Witnesses half a dozen times in the last few months outside Belles Artes. On Sunday they stopped me in Reforma.  They have set up something of a permanent camp.

The Mormons are out in force too. I only recently discovered why there were so many of these fruitcakes strolling around my local area….they have a church at Taxquena. They have another church in another part of the city which is actually pretty funky. Must visit it one day. But I probably won’t stay for any question and answer sessions they arrange. All that’s missing from Mexico City now are some resident Scientologists peddling their nonsense.

It’s not that I’m terribly anti-religion full stop, although my own beliefs are very, very different. But religion comes in many forms. There’s extremist religion, moderate or mainstream religion and then there’s nonsensical, window licking, dribble from the corner of the mouth religion. I’ve been polite in my refusals of ‘help’ so far. And I’ll continue to be. But I suspect sarcasm might increase. I think I will be inviting the next Watchtower salesman back to my home for a bit of Satan worshipping with the promise of a feast from a dozen freshly sacrificed and grilled chihuahuas. See how they like a bit of preaching of something they feel is a bit off beat.



3 thoughts on “Different Gods

  1. Mark says:

    The Scientologists are just around the corner from my office, La Roma.

    This entry reminded of a group of IT guys that I used to teach at an multi-national company. There were 5 of them – the head of IT and 4 of his staff. Also, the boss happened to be a Jehovah’s Witness. It was amazing how he would mange to bring his religious views into classroom discussions – one minute we’d be talking about marketing vocab and the next we’d be on to the problem of greed in today’s society.

    As a teacher, as you know, you have go with the flow but I could often sense that the others in the group wanted to get back on topic.

    Anyway Gary, enjoying your blog and photos and I must get out to the Cicloton one of these days but after riding to work Monday to Friday, cycling is this last thing I tend to think about on Sunday mornings.


    • I thought the Scientologists had to be around somewhere. Bit like a sewer system. Just cos you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is crawling under your feet somewhere. Bizarre doesn’t go anywhere toward describing them. Did you see the BBC Panorama prog on them last year?

      I must confess I am a bit like that head of IT sometimes. Except my religion is football…the one with the round ball. I do notice a few of the students beginning to snooze after a few minutes! 🙂

      The Ciclothon is well worth the effort even if you do ride through the week…I put in a few work miles too, although not as much at the moment as I used too. Because of schedule changes rather than any laziness reason.

      And glad I’m keeping you amused!

      On Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 1:37 PM


  2. steve says:

    Ah, the Mormons..

    The Mormons have enough money BUY Mexico outright; I don’t understand why they bother to go door-to-door.

    I remember the morning after California’s Prop 8 (outlawing same-sex marriage) passed. This was funded mainly by the Mormon Church…. Well, two Mormon geeks (down here in San Miguel de Allende!) came knocking at my door.
    Was it accidental timing, or were they just ‘rubbing it in’ ?

    I was SO tempted to pour boiling oil down on them, from my roof. Unfortunately I had neither oil, or the
    appropriate bucket. So I yelled down to them to “Go Away… You’ve done enough harm already!”
    They looked confused… of course,
    because they don’t know anything,
    and so they went across the street to ring on another door.
    “You don’t want her, either”.. I shouted. “She’s a Gringo, and she’s EDUCATED.”

    They immediately turned and left my street. They are apparently only looking for poor, gullible Mexicans.

    Now, I did stupid things when I was 16, but I don’t think it
    was on the level of joining an international religion/cult which is out for ‘power at all costs’.

    Since I do not have the financial or legal arsenal to even mention the word “Scientology” (whoops!)..
    I’ll stay quiet on the subject. What you see on the floor will be my hair, which I am tearing out.


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