Laughing Coyote School Of English Revisited

Sometime ago I wrote a post on the Laughing Coyote School (click here for the comments), one of the most bizarre schools in Mexico, and perhaps the world, in existence. They tick all the wrong boxes. Unprofessional? Check. Dishonest? Check. A bit crazy? Check. Their website gives off enough alarm bells and flashing red lights with it’s iffy content, but even that could not match the comments posted across various sites by Paloma and Jeremy as far as warning signs go.

So in the odd six months since that post, what has changed? Their website went down when they forgot (or couldn’t afford) to pay for the renewal of their domain, although eventually it returned. Despite promises, the website hasn’t been updated to add the Spanish language section, nor have the numerous spelling mistakes in the English section been corrected. The Black List is still there, much to the amusement of everyone who reads it – really guys, with your far fetched comments attached, there is no international English school in the world who is going to read that and come away with any other impression than it is you who suffer mental health issues.

Despite promises, no proper evidence was ever produced by Jeremy to back up his claims regards those teachers. Despite promises, their ‘unusual’ Chomsky training program has never seen the light of day.  Despite many promises, nothing has really been achieved. But on the plus side, it seems, according to reports from various people, that their network of schools have all closed bar one. They no longer have any native speaking English teachers employed, excluding Jeremy. Their reputation is mud, and the quagmire it lies in gets deeper and more stagnant by the day.

But I will take my hat off to Jeremy in one respect. He is consistent. Even as the ’empire’ collapsed around him, he continually commented that ‘everything was better than ever’. As each school closed, a feeble excuse was given followed by claims that they were ‘breaking enrollment records’. Even as it became obvious it would be impossible for a new English teacher to miss the numerous warning posts about this school, they were ‘inundated with applications’. Although he did mention, as an advance defence, that they weren’t going to employ any of them. In other words, they aren’t inundated with applications, but shhhhh!

And when I had a browse of their website earlier today I noticed a ‘Best year ever 2009’ news item. Now, Jeremy….no one believed you before. But this is convincing! If it’s posted on a website, it must be true….!



62 thoughts on “Laughing Coyote School Of English Revisited

  1. Bob White says:

    Oh yes….the Laughing Coyote “School” of English. It’s been fourteen months or so months since I left them and truthfully I’d recently mostly wanted to forget about them. But the libelous blacklist lives on with my name on it. So for as long as they continue their lies, I’ll continue at each opportunity to warn others of that school.

    Is the school and the blacklist taken seriously.? I doubt it. I have shown it, along with my entry, to subsequent employers, a school in Mexico and my current one in Indonesia. Both of my DOS/bosses thought that it was funny and laughed at it. But it is still outright libel and when I return to the USA, I will attempt a libel suit against the web host (based out of Orlando, Florida).

    Thanks Gary for keeping the spotlight on the school. If anyone is in Nayarit, I am curious which of their schools are actually still open. Tepic for certain as that’s Paloma’s home (she and Pablo live in a room in the back of the second story) as well as her bread and butter. But any of their other schools in the “villages”? I doubt they exist.

    We’ve yet to hear from any foreign teacher who has lasted more than six months and can say anything good a about LCSE. I, as well as fellow ex-teachers who I stay in touch with, am just content to do out part of warning others away.


  2. Bob, one thing you could do is write a letter of complaint to their webhosts. Once a company is notified that they are hosting content that is libellous/infringes copyright etc, then they too become liable for any costs. Most of them will simply take down the site.


  3. LCSE victim says:

    My experience at Laughing Coyote School of English was a nightmare from the first day that I arrived there until the second day that I left there. The school (so they call it) and its Founders/Directors/Teachers were and are operating very unprofessional. They mislead me to believe that they were a legitimate and professional school (which they are not), and that I was going to receive a teacher’s salary and room & board accommodations while teaching at the school they are located at. Well, they LIED. They planned to relocate me to a small rural village or town (somewhere) and told me that I had to raise my own salary to teach and operate the school there on my own. They were lying about and promoting political hate for a presidential candidate (that they made very clear) that they hated, and they tried to persuade their students and teachers to vote for their presidential candidate. They criticized and spoke hatefully of Americans. And, they just were and are very troubled people with very sick views and beliefs. I was very uncomfortable being at LCSE. I was unhappy about being deceived into working for LCSE via their verbal and web site lies and deceptions, and because I had wasted a lot of time and money to go there just to be very, very, DIAPPOINTED. BEWARE of Laughing Coyote School of English and go there at YOUR OWN RISK. Tell them to buy you a round-trip ticket to get there, because I promise you that you, just like I did, SHALL return ASAP. I pray and ask that you pray for LCSE, because they need it.


  4. Bob White says:


    You’re in Mexico, I’m not. I know you’re in DF, but do you have any clue what’s up with those a******s in Nayarit? They still have the site up (in English only) so my name’s out there as a blacklistee. This gives me a reason to still beat this dead coyote into the ground.

    Perchance is there still that idea of a DF English teacher’s road trip so you guys would really meet them in person? Seriously, make a weekend of it. Tepic is a nice city and you could good pictures to add to your photo collection.

    Honestly, at this point I care less about my name being on the blacklist than I care more for that when Googled LCSE’s website shows up below the other posts mentioning it. Hopefully this keeps other tcachers from going through what many of us did because we didn’t have a forum like this.


    • I haven’t heard of anything lately. Same shit, different day sums it up I suspect. I probably won’t get to go to Nayarit, although I did pass through Tepic many years ago when I was in backpacking mode. But it’s too far from me these days!


      • Bob White says:

        Cheers Gary. But as long as they have that website up harassing me, I will stay on their case. I do wish they’d just drop it and go away.

        Don’t you feel they (and we) are beating a dead horse…err..coyote… at this point? I think most of us are in a moving forward mode, but are wanting to warn any other potential teachers about what lurks there.

        “Selamet malam,” from Indonesia. Hope all is good for you in Mexico.


    • Laughing Coyote started five years ago after stealing more than $200,000 pesos from our organization. After mistaking Jeremy Johnson as another Jeremy Johnson who had once worked for us, he and his mother were hired to be teachers within our organization. They collected incription fees and then refused to give them to us. They also refused to return our English Course that is protected by national registry. I am the general director of that organization.
      In their applications to us, the mother claimed to be an ex-DEA agent which was later proven to be a lie. She would claim, however, that the “sensitive nature” of her work did not permit the agency to confirm her employment. If that is true, then I am sure there are “certain people” from Nayarit to Sinaloa who would be interested in knowing that an ex-DEA agent (who is possibly still working undercover, right?) is in their midst.
      She also had a phony free-on-line doctorate in divinity. (No study, just send in your name and poof, you are a doctor!”) Her actual knowledge of anything Biblical was so pathetically little that we found ourselves laughing at her ignorance but in awe of her belief that the Mexican people are so naive that they will accept anything a gringa says.
      Jeremy has no degree of any type from any source. He has a masters degree only in his fertile imagination.
      The husband still dares speak of their “sensitive work” before coming to Mexico and claims to have worked for the government. If he did work for a government, it had to be municipal and collecting garbage doesn’t sound that sensitive to us.
      I really need those who taught at this “school” to tell me any of the content of the course that they remember so that we can possibly proceed with legal action against the three of them. Obviously in their “collective intelligence” they are unaware that anytime three or more people participate or conspire to commit a crime, it becomes organized crime.
      I am hoping that some of you can be of some assistance in this effort.


  5. Bob White says:


    I don’t agree the horse is dead. LCSE’s site is still up, so still is the blacklist with my name and false accusations. Granted they may have run out of a pool of teachers for their “organization” but they’re still libelling some who took them at their word as a legitimate school and employer. Long as that site is up, the horse is unforunately still kicking. Hate to kick a dying horse, but this one does need to be put out of its misery, finally. Need some closure.

    Dr. Ellsworth, how does one reach you?


    • I would still argue their horse is dead. But perhaps it does need to be buried! As I mentioned in an earlier comment, you could probably do that by yourself by writing a DMCA to their webhost. All you need do is look up the host using WHOIS and send off an email.

      I have my doubts about the authenticity of Dr Ellsworth’s comment. It may be genuine, but it may not. It seems a bit personal, and the author wrote out of Torreon, Mexico.


      • Yes, we are located in Torreon but we operate our program in institutos tecnologicos in many parts of the republic. In Tepic we were accepted to have our program at the instituto tecnologico de Tepic and contracted the Johnsons (the mother and son) to teach for us. Instead of doing so, they collected all of the inscriptions and kept the money as well as stealing our course materials and later using them for themselves in their so-called school.
        I understand your hesitancy because the Johnsons are certainly capable of many deceptive things but I assure you that my request is very real and would gladly discuss this personally with anyone.


      • Bob White says:

        Gary, I was hoping, like you, this horse was dead, had rolled over hooves up, belly bloated (well, Palomoa’s always was) and settling quickly into it’s grave. OK, I’d take a little squealing and squirming to watch sufferring as I feel I went through.

        I want to see what happens when the domain name expires next month. Has anyone tried calling the LCSE number recently? Do they still answer the phone?

        The Johnsons? That is new. Never saw that name.

        Am curious though… Dr. Ellsworth, the website teachers.org seems to be a degree mill. At least from looking from the site that is my impression. No mention of IAAP on the site. What is the connection?


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    • Bob White says:

      That was the problem. I went to teachers.org since your e-mail gives that domain name. Totally different site.

      Any news from anyone.


      • No, I have not received any information and I really need to see if anyone remembers any particular elements of the course used at Laughing Coyote to determine if they violated the registration laws of Mexico.


  7. Todd Taylor says:

    Well guys I was either gone before they had your University contract, or was clear off in Guayabitos. It’s kind of funny because at the end of my “tenure”, and I think I made a LCSE record, I was there about five months; at any rate they were bragging to me about some university deal, and I remember thinking OMG! has the worlds gone mad? Figures thats how it turned out. There are a coupe reasons I made it that long.
    My school was an almost 2 hour drive away from Tepic, over mountains, and during the rainy season, they couldn’t get down and bug me. Then the second month I told them the cell phone they gave me broke because to be honest with you I just could not talk to that woman at all, ever. We emailed and they bitched to me about the phone constantly! It was a brand new location for them too, and when I got there I had 2 students; 2 months later LCSE had 15 and 13 in Las Varras. What was different about me was I had 29 students of my own who i did not connect to LSCE in anyway. For both my students and teh ones I counted as LSCE I threw away all the material, I did not use it, NONE of that garbage. I came up with new stuff or researched stuff on the internet. i doubt that was stolen material they were using then, because frankly it was terrible. So yeah they like to trash talk me as a used car saleman (although at least I do have a degree, lol) and they’re right. I had no teaching experience, and I was, and am again in fact, a used car salesman. It was however their only lucrative “village” school, and without their “expert system” we flourished. I think the idea was to just try to rob me, but when they started getting the 14k pesos every month they just left me alone, well almost, lol.
    When I left them I either referred all my students to two of the local quality schools, and some I continued to teach in large 3 time a week gatherings in my students homes. I closed those schools, and they threatened me severely for this. They tried to contact the police in those villages, but the really don; understand how tight we all were in those villages. The police, myself, and my students all laughed over Pablo and Lydia/Paloma. My love of Mexico, my relationships with the people, and just La Penita in general were the reasons I out lasted all other teachers. I lived there another year after quitting and have been there six times since. I hope to soon move there for good, and LSCE in this weird way changed my life. They are crooks, they are vicious liars, they are perhaps even EVIL ( those of you who know them, know what i mean) but in this stange almost paradoxical way, they changed my life for the better.

    Life is funny sometimes isn’t it?


  8. jeremy says:

    I would like to leave a comment as I find it interesting you guys still talk about us.
    Some of you I know and some of you I do not. Negativity has a way of taking control of people. I personally have made a choice to seperate myself from all the negativity. That is why I do not respond to emails anymore. It is a waste of time and energy.
    My life is awesome and full of happiness. Just like all of you at one time, I decided to step out of the box of my prospective country, and experience the unkown. It takes courage to leave behind a stable job and life. For that I applaud you. It has led me to a world of adventure, prosperity, and experiences I never could have imagined. I hope all of you find or have the same happiness.
    I do appologize for responding to negativity with negativity. My personal standards are above that.

    Todd- Out of all the teachers, I observed that you fit in better with the people of Nayarit than the other teachers. I wish you luck and happiness in your move here.

    Bob- I did not know you very well but noticed that you seemed to be quite lonely. I may be wrong but if I am not then I hope you find what your looking for. Goodluck in your journeys.

    Gary- I have no idea who you are but wish you well in your blogging. May you accomplish all your professional goals.

    Dr. David- You are more than welcome to ask, inquire, or come see our books. I assure you that no IAAP materials have ever been used. I am unaware of any money ever being stolen from your organization. I do know that the University returned money to the students since they would not be receiving classes. You would have to contact them in regards to that. I hope you have a prosperous year in business and wish your program all the luck in the world.

    2 day person- I am not sure who you are and your complaint did not make sense. I hope you have found a wonderful school and are extremely happy in what you are doing.

    Jeremy M. Johnson
    “life is an adventure enjoy it”


    • Glad all is well with you Jeremy. I for one never got myself to concerned with the idea of making your life miserable. Not my thing. The more happier people the better. It was the teachers and students that I and most others felt for, however, as they clearly had been through some misery.

      I notice the LCSE website has come down again, for a more prolonged period than last time. Reading between the lines, of that and your post, it’d be easy to assume that the LCSE has come to the end of the road.

      Is the assumption near the mark? Just curious. And of course, I always felt the thing that really needed to wither away and die was the Black List rather than the school itself, so it’s a question based entirely on curiosity rather than (potential) gloating.


    • I hope you have a bad memory instead of being a compulsive liar. The truth that you will probably deny from sheer habit, is that you and your mother were contracted to work for IAAP. You both collected inscriptions in the name of IAAP and then refused to give the money to our organizaiton. It totalled about $200,000 pesos. Following that scam, the instituto tecnologico refused to permit any of you to enter its campus and pull more con games on the students. We did go to you and demand our materials and money and was told another lie by your mother who seems to have the same liar gene as you, that she had sent the materials to the United States for “evaluation.”
      I have not accused any of you of using our course, but I am investigating to see if you have. I am accusing you openly to you and your mother and step-father, of being basically corrupt people and of stealing funds that rightfully belonged to IAAP.
      I will also accuse you of providing false information in your application, mainly referenced to your education. Your mother’s “doctorate” in divinity is as phoney as she is herself. Your reported degrees are no better. The claim of having worked with the DEA is as false as all other things you and she told us. To even suggest that I would believe anything posted in your books is no less than an insult. I would not believe your claim of being of the same species as me.
      It is sad that none of the three of you ever learned to live in the real world. Your illusions and pretenses are either incredibly evil or simply sick.


      • I think, over the course of the last couple of years, it has become very apparent to anyone following the saga across multiple forums and sites, that a bad memory has not been to blame.


      • jeremy says:

        Well, I am sorry you feel that I am a crook. I think if you do the math 200,000 pesos on a course that charges 290 pesos per student would not add up.That would be how many students? Probably more than the TEC has. I wish you well and hope you have all the luck in the world. May your business grow and prosper. I hope you find good health and happiness in all your pursuits.


  9. jeremy says:

    Thanks for asking. Student levels have not really changed at all. I believe it is a little under 150 students right now but that is normal for this time of year. It has stayed the same for years except when the pig flu hit. Is the website down? I do not really mind as it does not serve any use to me.
    If I wanted to work 50 hours a week and deal with Americans, I could have stayed in the states. I do not need ESL teachers. If I need a teacher, I have another source. I am back to the reason why I came here. For a great life, great friends, and good times. I have also been pretty busy studying for a big medical exam.
    There are no lines to read between. I just think being positive is much more gratifying and productive than spreading insults and gossip. It is hard to be negative when your doing what you love and living life to the fullest. I just feel sorry for the people that are stuck in Canada or the USA. They are wishing to have the life that people like yourself and I have. We are successfully living and doing what so many people are afraid to do. You have to give yourself a pat on the back.

    Jeremy M. Johnson
    “Life is an adventure, enjoy it”


    • Yes, the website is down. Has been for a few days at least. And this is the good news. The material on the site about former teachers was fictional and unprofessional at best. Libellous at worst. And a poor reflection on the LCSE. It’s current offline status is probably for the best, for everyone.


      • Most liars have excellent memories since they need to remember what they told each person. If we are in agreement that Jeremy has a good memory, that only leaves the alternative that he and his family are predators seeking the quick buck through lies and deceits.
        In the meantime, I have been laughing my ass off imagining him studying for a medical exam!!! He really needs a psychiatric exam.


      • I’m going to beg to differ here David. Most liars don’t have a terribly good memory. That’s how they are caught out. Those with excellent, nay – flawless, memories? We don’t know that they are lying 🙂


  10. jeremy says:

    I respect your opinion and thoughts. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You have strong beliefs and that is an admirable trait.
    Jeremy M. Johnson


  11. jeremy says:

    Dr. David,
    You are quite an interesting fellow considering I only vaguely know who you are. I appologize for your intense anger towards me. Goodluck with your program.
    P.S. I passed the exam!!


    • Unfortunately, you do not pass any examination of basic credibility with thinking people, Jeremy, much less passing your mythical medical exam. The very fact that you “vaguely” know me indicates that you do remember past dealings but perhaps the memory has faded in the wake of dozens of others you and your mother have conned.
      As usual, you reading comprehension is pathetically faulty. I said you stole inscriptions, not monthly fees but it is interesting that you actually have a number for the monthly fees and one must ask how (if you have no memory of your past theft) you could magically know the monthly cost of the course? Beyond that, you seem incapable of understanding the phrase “more than” that was used in reference to the $200,000 pesos, which means you could not calculate them to any precise monthly amount.
      While I seriously doubt that you or your mother have the basic intelligence to have used our course, we are continuing to investigate and I hope some past teachers will help in this effort by telling us the content of any of the lessons used in your laughable school.
      All your “have a nice days” blended with your continued lies about your condos and vacations has no impact upon any of the readers here. You have the disadvantage of dealing here with people who know you for what you really are, not for who you wish you were.


      • Jeremy says:

        In response to David,
        “The very fact that you “vaguely” know me indicates that you do remember past dealings”

        I remember who you are “vaguely” because I have only met you one time. For what an hour? Maybe 2? I appologize that your winning personality has not stuck out in my mind. I know you are an important man. I am a little embarrassed that the 2 hours we met five years ago did not make a major impression.

        As, I stated before you would need to contact the University in regards to any amount of money. Your program being terminated by the University was between you and them. I was just a teacher for 2 weeks who never received any compensation. Which you still owe me by the way. As far as I know all money was returned to students.

        Your comments about common courtesy, my vacation schedule, my condo, my exam really are not worth my time to respond to. You are a negative person looking to spread negativity. I appologize but you are quite insignificant to me besides the 2 weeks pay you owe me. Please, continue to investigate on your program. After one week I stopped using that dribble and tossed it.

        I know you do not like common courtesy but
        HAVE A NICE DAY!!!!!!!


  12. jeremy says:

    “In the meantime, I have been laughing my ass off imagining him studying for a medical exam!!! He really needs a psychiatric exam.” Dr. David

    I personally applaud anyone willing to make the sacrifice to learn new things and further their education. I am a firm believer in you can never stop learning.
    I find it strange an educator would put someone down for trying to learn something new. If it makes you feel better, please continue laughing.
    I wish you happiness and good health.


    • Dr. David Ellsworth says:

      I also applaud those who try to learn. Unfortunately for you, many here have known you and have also learned not to believe anything you or your pathological liar parents say. Moreover, if you had any awareness of Mexico or the education system, you would have known that the results of a pre-med or med exam are not given so quickly. It is better to find shelter in the little world the three of you have invented for yourselves and keep out of the realm of reality. You get caught in too many lies in the real world.


  13. jeremy says:

    To lighten things up a little here is a funny video on you tube………..check it out, smile, and have a good laugh.


  14. jason says:

    I am trying to show you the latest drama. I have photos from facebook of the notorious “owner” with a harem of women. AND not Paloma perfect. Juan has a facebook and lives in Los Mochis Sinaloa, It says he is teaching there. I say we contact that school and let them know what he is and that he has no credintials to teach. His English was bad. Not to say he is obviously a liar and fake. Poor paloma, I will say i saw a photo of her and she looked very slim and not happy. The pablo “the owner of all those schools” is with what looks like maybe students and in provacative positions. Where do i post them? They are oscar material.


    • Dr. David Ellsworth says:

      Do you have the name of the school in Los Mochis? We have contacts there and I agree that they need to be warned about hiring anyone outside of their species.


  15. Honorable Blacklistee from back in the day says:

    Y’ALL. P & P broke up and get a load of how Paloma’s diagnosis of her fake ex husband Juan P reads:

    Paloma pasó de estar “casada” a “es complicado.”
    Paloma Falomir
    its over thank GOD, im done with this and i have a lot to tell you,,to begin with read this.

    Juan Pablo Falomir does NOT have a degree at a University or any other school. He has not even finished 1 full year.Juan does NOT own 10 schools, he … owns NO schools. Juan pablo is a pathological liar and believes what he says. He is bi polar and suffers dillusional behavior. He is devious, deceptive and diabolical. He has no problem stealing from you. He lives in a fantasy world with his mommy and daddy at 31 years old. He worships money and will do anything to get it. Dont fall for his victim role. He is a predator, not a victim.
    Ver más
    El 10 de junio a las 14:31

    (courtesy of facey booky)
    welcome to the blacklist, old man.


  16. rachelh1979@yahoo.com says:

    Sorry to tell you but they are not broke up, in fact they are very much together. I saw photos and facebook information. Word is someone stole paloma’s facebook and wrote the above dialog. She posted a note on facebook and had to change her facebook. Pablo had someone write a very in depth dialog on his facebook that went to everyone he knows. they both now are off facebook and and good ridence. I saw on friends of facebook that its all a lie and they are not apart but juan is in hometown to help family. I friend told me paloma is in tepic teaching and that the school is open and the friend is a student there. I am not a teacher and I have no idea of your issues but i had both of them on my facebook at one time. Never spoke to Paloma, spoke to Juan a few times but he was not real friendly. I wanted someone to talk to that speaks English in Mexico. I have thought of teaching but I am a photographer, artist. Hope this news is not too dissappointing. I really dont know either one. Just friends and friends of friends ect. I tried to open the site above but could not. What I do know is paloma is a bitch and was not real friendly either. She blocked me. Maybe she thought I was a threat.


    • I did visit Paloma’s Facebook profile when it was still up. I didn’t find the message that was posted in a previous comment here, but she did make it clear she had separated from Pablo. Perhaps they have got back together. Perhaps not. Perhaps you are Paloma! Perhaps not.

      There’s no such thing as a ‘disappointment’ these days regards the Laughing Coyote School and it’s inhabitants.

      It’s all just good old fashioned soap operaesque entertainment!


  17. rachel says:

    I have a question, if paloma wrote that above, then why would she call pablo juan pablo falomir? I dont buy it. Does not sound like a wife writing about a husband, looks more like somone else writing about both of them. I had both on my facebook and I would of got that if it was written by either one. Hey i have no problem with truth but i went through all my wall and i got nothing like that.


    • Having read a fair few comments left by Paloma around the web, I think it’s fair to say that that there is little you can tell from her style of writing other than that she is, to put it politely, a sandwich short of a picnic!


    • Unknown says:

      That post is definitely from Paloma, I’ve seen it myself. Don’t want to say who I am on here but those three are some of the worst people to walk this earth. No story surprises me anymore, I really wish someone would take them down already like the international organized criminals they are.


  18. Todd Shasta Taylor says:

    I wonder what happened to them though? I think JJ just went along with it. He’s down there to party on the Pacific, and score on the endless supply of beautiful young girls,. I totally get that, but Paloma or Pablo had to have been busted for something or other by now?


  19. Anon says:

    They are in Nevada. It looks to me as if Paloma/Lydia is running both her and Pablo’s facebooks as well so I’m not sure if he s actually with her, but she’s just as crazy as ever. Jeremy is in California at this time, presumably conning someone else.


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