The Allotment

A couple of weeks ago one of my students who had just recently been to London, and was about to go again, asked if it was true that we grow lots of vegetables in our gardens in the UK. It is true, although less so these days, as the WW2 ‘Dig For Victory’ veterans slowly die off. It’s a popular enough pastime. I’ve been growing my own tomatoes here in Mexico City this last year. But it was, I thought, a strange question. Don’t Mexicans ever grow anything in their gardens.

Of course, most citizens of Mexico City don’t have gardens. But that didn’t stop us Brits. We had allotments. Little patches of spare land turned over by local councils for the general population to tend to. Cunning, really. And I did think, what a great idea that would be to transplant here in Mexico. There are so many pieces of wasteland that are left neglected. They become overgrown, which hides the huge quantities of stray dog poop and broken bottles deposited there.

We have such a piece of land round the back of our apartments. Given a decent fence and gate, it could be turned into a nice allotment patch. I’d grab my slice and sow a few potatoes and corn plants. A communal greenhouse wouldn’t, however, be necessary.



2 thoughts on “The Allotment

  1. markarthur says:

    Interesting idea Gary! I’d be up for one too but can you imagine the amount red tape that would inevitably be involved? And then you’d probably have to pay a allotment tax. Oh yeah, and as foreigners, we’d probably have obtain a special permit from immigration which , of course, we’d have to pay for (probably about $2000 pesos), and then we’d have to sign the “registro de extranjeros con plantas” or something equally ridiculous.

    And 6 months later you might finally be able to grow something.


  2. You’re cynicism is, sadly, well justified! Getting even the simplest of things done here often takes more effort than is worthwhile.

    I remember once trying to join a newly opened swimming bath…..jeez. The documents they wanted were ridiculous. I don’t, suffice it to say, belong to any swimming club!


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