Saturday Spring Cleaning

We got home on Saturday evening, after a nice meal out, and decided to give the floor a thorough clean. In every corner. Pull out every piece of furniture and scrub behind it. The full works. Now I know that this doesn’t sound much like me. And you might be thinking there was a reason behind this cleansing. You’d be right.

The water had gone off during the afternoon, and like many people we (or I, in this case) had left a tap on so we’d hear when it returned. The important thing is to remember to turn it off when you go out. Else, when you return home several hours later, there’s a stream of water coming from under your front door, and an inch of water in your house.

Thank goodness for earthquakes though. The house is, as a result of numerous tremors over the last few decades, on a slight lean, which meant the water filled just the living room and our bedroom and not every room. Time to get the mop? No, really, it was an inch deep. We used buckets. The turtles were, I suspect, hoping that we were adapting the house to a more aquatic environment for them. They were disappointed.

Still, the house is clean. And I worked off the aches of pulling and pushing furniture, emptying buckets the next morning with a quick solo tour of the city on my bike. I didn’t take many photos, and those I did I ran through various filters to add to my set Once Upon a Time – an effort to produce an album of old, antique or generally aged looking photos.


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