The Countdown

I thought up the idea of doing a Project 365, as it’s commonly known, about this time last year. Obviously I didn’t think up the idea itself – that’s been done by millions of people now, although I have noticed most don’t ever quite finish. But I decided to have a go myself. If I’d actually started it this time last year, I’d be finishing. But I waited till October 19th, and took the first snap then. On my birthday. On the top of a mountain, when I climbed the Nevado de Toluca. I thought it’d be cool to put not just a year of my life up on the web in pictures, but an exact year.

It’s actually quite hard work, and while I’m glad I’m doing it, it has taken quite a bit of dedication. I’ve not missed a day, and usually try to take a different sort of photo each day, though there are recurring themes. My turtles have featured a few times. Graffiti and murals too. And obviously family and friends, especially Poala, have found themselves repeated. But overall there’s been quite a bit of diversity to my shooting.

I have marked off each landmark. A week. Ten photos. The first month. Fifty, then a hundred photos. The half way mark. Today I reached another landmark, with the 265th photo. The end is in sight, even if it’s not quite round the corner yet. Tomorrow the number of photos remaining will drop to double digits.

When I have completed the project, on October 18th by  my reckoning (and logic) the question of what to do with all those photos will arise. So far I’ve been hosting them on Flickr, and blogging them on my Project 365 blog. The photos will remain in both locations, and I’ll probably use the blog to do another, albeit slightly different project in 2010. But I want to do something more with them. I’ll almost certainly create a book using Blurb and maybe a big canvas poster too. I’ve got a hundred days to decide. Till then, here is my 265th photo.



4 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. Gary,
    This photo is a classic. It shows Cerro de Silla in the background so it must be Monterrey. It refers to “100% Regio” and people from Monterrey are called “Regiomontanas”. The cowboy is thinking of eating “cabrito” or roast goat which Monterrey is famous for and he and the goat are drinking beer. Monterrey produces 80% of the beer made in Mexico. I love it!!!


  2. Bob, thanks for the info. I must confess, whilst I’m not a Cabrito virgin, I am a novice. I’ve only been to one cabrito restaurant in Mexico City and was a bit undecided about the stuff…the meat is tasty but there’s a lot of fat, grease and other unidentifiable stuff in there!


  3. edward says:

    Ah you know coming here less frequently I just can’t keep up with your techno wizardry and knowledge — well, never could really. I belong to one site only — Opera. Perhaps I should stretch my wings a bit but I don’t. I’m almost afraid to try Twitter as I’m afraid I’ll be on the computer 25 hours a day!


    • I do like Opera Ed, but the site just ended up lagging behind, aestherically and feature wise for my taste. Which is a bit of shame really. Be good to see you around here more though. Forget Twitter and just come over to the Mexile Cafe for some respite!


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