Museo de Arte de Carrillo Gil

Vodpod videos no longer available.

On Sunday we visited the Museo de Arte de Carrillo Gil, in San Angel. Not for the first time. The exhibitions, almost always of a contemporary nature, change regularly. But I thought I’d do something different that return with a plethora of photos to be uploaded to Flickr and shared. I’ve been in something of a video mode recently, so I present instead a short movie, accompanied by a Chopin soundtrack, of my visit. Admittedly,  the video does mostly comprise photos, but still.

The current exhibition featured a whole floor given over to arty videos, some of which I feature in the vid, albeit briefly. The longer snippet, of two men in a car, had me puzzled for a while. There was something wrong about it. I’ve figured out what now. I’ve also reverted to uploading my videos to YouTube, and you can click on the HD button and see it in higher quality. It really does make a significant difference. Providing you have a reasonable broadband connection. If not, it’ll keep stopping and starting. You can pause it, and wait for it to finish downloading, then play. Or you can just watch the non HD version.


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