Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

The last time I went to a circus must have been about thirty years ago. My first, and till yesterday, only circus experience, which was cut very short by clowns making loud bangs that hurt my delicate ears. My ears are more deaf than delicate these days, so with no worries on that front, a treated Paola to an evening at the Atayde Circus, housed near Metro Villa de Cortes, not far from home.

Tickets range from 100 pesos to 400 pesos, although they do a 40% discount on Mondays. I can’t see why you’d pay more than 100 pesos though. The place isn’t big enough to necessitate the use of binoculars from the cheap seats. If anything, you get an even better view thanks to the added elevation. One word of warning to anyone thinking of going…eat and drink before you go. Their selection of treats is limited to nachos, candy floss, cheap cardboard pizza, crisps and tinned sodas. All at treble the price you can get them for in a shop.

Was it good? Hell, yeah! Jugglers, trapeze artists, a reasonably entertaining clown, dancers in skimpy feathery costumes, tightrope walkers, a bizarre balancing act and a little magic here and there. And of course, the circus animals. No lions or bears as my title might have suggested (Paola’s class of kids did the Wizard of Oz at Christmas, and the song is still sticking), but there were eight gorgeous tigers, of the white and Bengal varieties. Camels, elephants, llamas and a midget pony too.

I know. A circus isn’t the right place for these animals to be, especially the larger ones. The only reason to take any of these animals into captivity is to preserve the species. But that doesn’t negate the fact that it’s still nice to see them, and their tricks are rather amusing. They did all look healthy and well cared for. Physically, anyway.

The highlight as far as animal tricks go, was a tiger moonwalking to Billie Jean. I suspect Jackson’s death can only enhance ticket sales. I will have a short video up soonish, but until then you can always click here to see the photos. I was quite pleased with how the photos came out. It’s never easy getting a good shot in such low light, and they aren’t perfect, but they aren’t too bad. Even if I do say so myself. Which I do.



9 thoughts on “Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

  1. Fantastic photos, I can’t take low light photos to save my life. They’re gorgeous!

    I think that same circus came through Cancun as well but we didn’t see them. We did see a “chafa” circus that was entertaining due to its seriously poor quality, every trapeze artist fell, dancers tripped, lights didn’t work, music cut out, much fun! 🙂


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