Postcards From Mexico

We have the in-laws visiting from Mexico tomorrow. So today is day 3 of a cleaning festival organized and orchestrated by Paola. Cupboards cleaned, drawers emptied and bedding all changed. Which always means that long lost bits and pieces will turn up. In my drawers, five postcards surfaced, that were bought long ago, filed and never sent anywhere. Seems a shame to put them back in the drawer. If you want a postcard from Mexico City just leave a comment, and send me the address to post it to – click on my contact page for an email form. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never commented before. I’ll send a card to anyone.



12 thoughts on “Postcards From Mexico

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  2. Buenos Dias,
    I recently started viewing your page and really enjoy your work. I am hopefully moving to Mexico City next year for work and hopefully taking my first trip to D.F. in the next few months. Estoy muy enmocionado. Your site gives me great insight into life in D.F. – I will surely start posting more comments in the future. I would get a kick out of getting a post card!! My address is below. If you’d like a post card from Chicago, just let me know, hah.

    Muchas Gracias en avance!

    Matt Inman
    4615 N. Campbell #3
    Chicago, IL 60625


    • One postcard will soon be on its way to you Matt. Funnily enough I visit Chicago at least once a year. A lot of the in-laws live in Milwaukee.

      What work are you planning on doing here?


      • Gracias Gary,
        Hopefully when you visit Chicago its in the summer time…I would be working for Scotiabank in the Capital Markets down there (once they unthaw), think our office is near Polanco. I’m on the north side of Chicago – You’ve got a free Old Style for sending the post card next time you swing into Chicago if you’re in the area, hah.


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