Playa Ventura

Vodpod videos no longer available.

I’ve returned from Playa Ventura, which has been our beach vacation of choice since I found the place back in 2005 when Paola, myself and two travelling friends did a big tour of Oaxaca and Guerrero states. I’m not a huge fan of big resorts and prefer tiny little villages that offer non of the creature comforts, little in the way of organized nightlife, and considerably less in the way of litter, pollution and noise. They offer much more in the way of wildlife and natural delights. Turtles come ashore here more frequently than in Acapulco Bay, a couple of hours down the road.

The waves are also a lot bigger and more fun here, although it has to be said swimming is a little riskier. Although, when red flags are flying, there is always the option of a short drive to Chautengo lagoon. The video is short, but gives a brief glimpse into life at Playa Ventura. Photos will come in good time. If you fancy a trip there yourself, you can locate the nearby town of Copala, from which the road to Playa Ventura starts, courtesy of Google Maps by clicking here. The reggae music accompanying my vid, which looks better in HD if you have a decent broadband connection, came courtesy of Screaming ‘Tubes.


15 thoughts on “Playa Ventura

  1. Joe says:

    Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Playa Ventura defintely looks like an option outside of the “ordinary”. I especially enjoyed the music (I am an island girl from the land of reggae) and suspect that you chose it since you felt as if you were on some island…


    • It is certainly away from the ‘ordinary’. By that I mean away from the drunks! I chose that particular piece of music because…it’s free! But yes, I searched ‘Reggae’ on the music site, because, even though it’s really the wrong coast, reggae always fits sun, sea and sand videos.


    • Well it should remind you I guess, I know it’s a few hundred miles south of you, but tis the same coast! I did just look/comment on your turtle post. My best guess would be a Mexican Wood Turtle.


  2. Jenny Doherty says:

    Regarding Playa Ventura, we are looking for some accommodation, preferably right on the beach. We are 2 families with 5 small kids in total. Any ideas??


    • There is plenty of choice these days. Doña Celsa is the obvious choice as its the first one you come to, and its bright pink. But last time we went (as in this blog post…seems ages ago now!) we did walk along looking for alternatives. One we liked the look of and might try next time was Villa Tortuga. The telephone number, as written on their business card, is 741 101 3053 and underneath they have 101 3005.


      • david says:

        You might want to check out Zoyla & Helmut’s” Casa Del Encuentros” which is just a little ways past the lighthouse towards casa de piedra.
        Super clean and actually has screens on the windows!!

        As well, if anyone needs a half an acre fenced camping spot with running water and 2 bathrooms contact me at dmlalande@gmail.com. We are looking for long term caretaking folks as well.



  3. marlene harrison says:

    I was in Playa Ventura in Feburary 2008 for a week, and really loved the village and beach. I was there for my daughters wedding to Rosendo, and what a wedding. they really know how to have a fiesta. Everyone was friendly & welcoming. I really liked Mexico, travelled for 5 weeks across the country. We are planning to go back in 2011. Rosendo family own the bright blue hotel on the beach.


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