The Advances Of Time

Playa Ventura hasn’t changed much in the last four years. Sure there have been some advances. With every visit we notice a few new tiny cabanas and one or two storey buildings spreading down the coastline. A big advance a couple of years ago was the installation of phone lines. Now the wonders of broadband have arrived too, and our restaurant of choice, Dicalei, run by the affable Luis, has an internet cafe inside. Well, there is no real inside. You’d need walls to descibe it as so. But still, with a couple of battered laptops plugged into iffy looking sockets, an internet cafe is what he has.

But it is still, for the time being, a dusty, half made little village in the middle of nowhere, that feels like it should be poverty stricken, and is yet well fed. Numerous adverts painted on walls warning of tuberculosis signal that all is not entirely well though. Sadly the amount of litter is increasing. That’s even sadder considering half the population, dependent on tourism, sits around for most of the day when they could be taking a little more pride in their little off cut of paradise. But still. It’s not bad enough to put you off.

It’s not the only village along the coast, but it is in our opinion one of the nicer ones. And you can always step into the car and drive along the coast road, east or west, and find a different beach to play on for the day. We checked out a couple during our stay, including the lagoon at Chautengo. We’d been before, but this time it was a little flooded for our taste, so we moved on east. Of course I took photos. Click here to see the first batch. More, of the family, are to come. Along with another video, of a crocodile adventure.

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