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Fine, Fine, Fine

Months ago my morning greeting to one of my students, with the polite enquiry as to her well being, started getting the response “Fine, fine, fine”. To which I learned the correct response was “Very good, very good, very good”. It’s a song, you see. I didn’t hear it for a couple of months more until it was played for me on YouTube. That was the first time I heard it and, I hoped, the last.

My hopes came to nothing. The song is now getting much more air time. Microbuses have it blaring out. Car Wash establishments seem particularly fond of the song. Radios are putting it on their turntables. I can only imagine that there is a fellow TEFLer out there, who has a lot to answer for…how else did they pick up such a crappy catchphrase? Anyway, it’s time I inflicted this musical monstrosity on y’all….

Vodpod videos no longer available.

6 thoughts on “Fine, Fine, Fine

  1. Joe says:

    What tha…??!! This is both funny and annoying!! Now you have stained my mind…I think I shall be hearing the music in my head for quite some time yet. Please make it stop!!!


    • It will possibly be the last thing going through your mind at the end of your life. Even as your brain is removed on the autopsy table, the coroner will peer a little closer, wondering what the hell….’Fine, fine, fine…’


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