Torre With A View

And an unusual view at that. We went up to the restaurant a couple of months ago, and so pleasant was it, that we took Paola’s visiting mum up there last night. I’ve done a video – like many of these places I’m visiting lately, I’ve already pretty extensively photographed them. I have one photo in this this video that might look a bit strange. It’s of the gents urinal. Yes, it is just a metal tray beneath a sheet of clear glass. Yes, behind the clear glass is a window looking straight out on the street.

To be honest it would take one hell of a dedicated Peeping Tom and a pretty powerful telescope to take advantage of this very exhibitionist friendly loo, but still…the paranoid might feel a little creeped out, relieving oneself and gazing at passing traffic at the same time. The accompanying soundtrack is Niccolò Paganini – Cantabile in D major, Op. 17.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Torre With A View

  1. Gracias, señor. The loo might be a touch much for the paranoid, but otherwise it is a new, unique and entertaining way to relieve oneself. A little light relief, one might almost say!


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