Palace of Modern Art

Every now and then I don’t just pass under the Centro Historico on the metro without poking my head above ground. I get off and have a little wander. And it’s amazing how many times I find something new, bizarre or otherwise cool. Or all three. Today I had time to kill after my early morning class, so I stepped off at Belles Artes and found a temporary wall alongside the full length of one side of Belles Artes.

This grand old landmark normally hosts the more classical arts. Ballet, theatre, folk dance. But the wall was covered, from end to end, in graffiti, Of the better, more artistic, variety. Some would call it a mural. Perhaps even Rivero himself would be so kind. Others might simply refer to it as art. But seeing as it appears to have been done (one would assume with permission, probably commission) by some of the cities younger citizens, with spray paint, and has been ‘tagged’ – I’d call it graffiti.

Not that that’s an insult. Whilst the city is absolutely covered in crappy, unimaginative, head ache inducing graffiti with little to no artistic merit whatsoever, there are plenty of genuinely creative works. Lot’s of little Señor Banksy’s. I photographed most of it, but it was simply to long to do a panorama, so I’ve split it into 20 plus individual snaps. Click here to see the photos.



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