Postcards From Mexico

Yesterday I had a few hours to kill between and early morning class and my first afternoon class, so I went for a wander around the Centro Historico. First stop, the Postal Palace to pop some postcards in the box (Don Felipe, Emm and Matt, your cards are on the way) and then went on to a couple of museums. The first is on the way to the Zocalo from Torre Latinoamericana. I don’t know the name of the place, but they have an excellent exhibition currently running, with some originals of Orozco, Rivero, Velazco, Kahlo and others on display.

Next I popped into the San Ildefonso, one of my favourite museums. I didn’t bother taking any photos to put up on Flickr, although I did take one discreet snap.  I did buy a postcard though, for one lucky person to claim. I first offered to send a postcard to someone a year or two ago, because I was the recipient of such an idea by another blogger. It seemed only fair to return the gesture.

Lots of bloggers in Mexico have been doing their little bit to try and promote a more positive image of Mexico abroad, whether that’s by linking to websites, writing on their own blogs or joing Facebook groups. All good stuff, but my enthusiasm for that stuff is limited. I thought I’d do my own thing. Send postcards. Maybe one day someone will receive one of my cards, stick it on a fridge, to be seen later by someone who then gets the itch to visit the country.

So anyway, there is another postcard up for grabs. Anyone can apply, just leave a message here to claim it, and send my your address – my Contact page is a good way to do that. Whether you’re a regular visitor here, or a Mexile virgin, all are welcome to apply. If someone beats you to it, I still have a couple of cards available – click here.



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