Paper, Cotton, Carnations

I require gifts. Actually, we require gifts. It takes two to make a wedding anniversary, and this is our first. Whether your gift is of cotton or paper depends on which set of rules you follow. Being British, the convention for me is cotton, with paper next year. If the gift is of a flowery nature it needs to be a carnation. Roses just won’t do. To be honest, I’d prefer a new camera over any of those, but such is life. Silver, gold, ruby and diamond celebrations are some way away, but the one I really want to get to is the Oak anniversary.  That is for the 80th anniversary and trumps all precious metals and jewels, surprisingly. And I’ll be 115. The date will be perfect too, once again. Our 80th on 08/08/88. We did get married on a cool date. August 8th 2008.

To celebrate have gone to Cuernavaca, about an hour outside of the DF, and know as the City of Eternal Spring. So I am topping up the sunburn I had inflicted on me at Playa Ventura. Not that I’m spending my wedding anniversary on the computer. I wrote this yesterday, Friday, and set it on time delay to publish on Saturday. The wonders of WordPress! Although most blogging platforms have that feature to be honest.

So technically I’m not in Cuernavaca yet. But the hotel looks very nice in the pictures I’ve seen, and much posher than we usually go for. With a nice swimming pool and a view from our room across a large lake. I’ll be uploading photos and whatnot on Monday I guess. Until then, you can browse through the Wedding photos from last year if you’re bored. Or the Wedding Party photos. Or even the huge collection of photos from the honeymoon. I’ll look at those later. When I get back.  As nice as Cuernavaca is, Las Vegas was utterly butterly fabulous – I’d rather be going there again!



10 thoughts on “Paper, Cotton, Carnations

  1. Happy Anniversary! I always thought 08/08/08 was a cool date to get married on! I was kicking myself for getting married in 06! Enjoy the beach and hope you get that camera you so desire:)


    • I really didn’t choose it for the date. It was just the most suitable date when everything was taken into consideration, what with visitors coming in from several countries. It was only later that someone pointed out the significance.

      And I do hope I get that camera too!


  2. Joe says:

    A big LOL at Felipe!!!

    Happy Anniversary Gary and Paola!! All the best for many future ones. I have a question though Gary, I imagine that you are by now fluent in Spanish, and that Paola is also fluent in English, but please help me to understand how it works in a relationship when both of you speak different native languages, and come from such different cultures…


    • I am far from fluent in Spanish by any definition, which isn’t helped by the fact that Paola is fluent in English (which is how we do, and always have, communicated) and I speak English at work all day.


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