A couple of hours south of Mexico City, just past Cuernavaca, is a gorgeous lake that has been given an unpronounceable name. Certainly as far as the first few attempts go anyway. I think I’ve gotten the hang of it now. But the views to be had are far more important than the number of syllables the name contains anyway. It’s a bit upmarket really, and the cheaper (although not cheap) hotels have rooms that go for two or three times the money we are accustomed to paying for our weekend away/city escape accommodation.

But worth every penny nonetheless. Look at the sunrise! The surrounding hills roll from horizon to horizon and are all lush green. Wildlife is abundant, especially butterflies, beetles and birds. Swallows soar, dive and skim across the lake from dawn to dusk. And because it’s a little pricey, it’s not so crowded, and what children there are, behave a little better. Less screaming and shouting in other words.

And the lake itself is so warm. Warmer than the swimming pools the hotel provided. I still can’t understand why anyone even used the swimming pools. Perhaps all the jetskis, motorboats and other waterborne craft put them off, although there was a dedicated swimming area. We didn’t hire a boat, because frankly we couldn’t be bothered, even though they weren’t too expensive. Swimming was enough for me. And a dive off the diving board. Technically a feet first jump, but still…

My photos of the lake are on Flickr and can be found by clicking here, and more will come from our Saturday day out to a nearby, spectacular ancient site.



4 thoughts on “Tequesquitengo

  1. Joe says:

    Very nice!! I will add this to the list of places that I should visit outside of the DF…. if only I could say the name. Thanks for sharing.


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