On Being British

I had a long chat with an Aussie chap at Tequesquitengo. He’s a long termer here, with triple the man hours I’ve so far put into being an immigrant – 12 whole years. Crickets came up, naturally. The Australians had just thrashed England to level the Ashes series. Which lead on to talk of Mexico City’s one and only cricket club, and other cricketing events organised by various embassies of cricket playing nations. I do like cricket, although I have yet to find an easy way to explain to any of my students that a sport that requires up to a couple of months to play, is actually really quite exciting!

He suggested I register with the British Embassy, to let them know I’m living here. And in return, they will let me know about any events. So I took a virtual stroll along to their website today and did the deed. While I was there, I found out a few interesting things. It’s going to cost Paola (well, us) a staggering £585 to get her a Spouse Visa when we oneday relocate. Although on the plus side, because we have been together for more than four years, she’ll hopefully receive an indefinite Leave To Remain, rather than the standard two years.

Another thing I noticed, was regards the dangers of travelling to Mexico. You have, apparently, a 0.067% chance of running into problems, ranging from lost or stolen passports to severe cases of rigor mortis. The chances of the latter occuring? It’s a 0.006% longshot. Most of those are natural deaths. They don’t mention how many of those unfortunate 19 were dragged off by a dastardly criminal and beheaded. Needless to say, I’m hoping any future dealings I have with them are regards a game of cricket and not a mission to reunite my bonce with my torso.



8 thoughts on “On Being British

  1. Ste and I had been married 5 years by the time he came to this country but the only concession he got is that he could apply for his indefinite leave to remain after two years of being a resident here. So he is writing his life test on Friday and getting his indefinite leave to remain in November. I think he can apply for his passport in another year after that, once he’s been in the country three years.

    The indefinite leave to remain is going to cost about £700 though.


  2. Kim G says:

    £585?!? What an outrage! I suppose, then, that you’ll just have to stay in Mexico. Pity that, what with the lack of eternal 40-degree rainy days and clouds, Mexico will be sheer torture. And I suppose you’d have to reacclimate to the British cuisine too. Overcooked roast beef anyone?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we have plenty of 40-degree rainy days if anyone’s asking.

    P.S. The above notwithstanding, London is one of my favorite cities anywhere. But living there might be a different matter.


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