300 Days

The magic number today really is three hundred. Not only did I reach a milestone in my fundraising effort, but have also reached a big milestone in my 365 photography project. Three hundreds days down, just another 65 to go. It’s not been easy, but it has been fun, and I am pleased with the result so far. It’s fun to put the set into slideshow mode in Flickr and look through the year so far. Let’s just hope nothing tragic happens that makes me miss a photo between now and October 18th. Anyway, here’s what 300 days worth of photos looks like. These are all 300 images I’ve gotten so far.



7 thoughts on “300 Days

    • Thanks Steve. Although it has to be said there’s a lot of dross in the set as well, but everyone is a moment in time saved for posterity! When I look back through it in years to come it will be a walk down memory lane for me, if not for anyone else!

      Monthly poll in 15 days and counting…


  1. You reached $300?? Well done! And congrats for the 300 days. It is a real inspiration to see you keeping at this massive task! I would cheat. A lot.


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