Oriental Mexico

Mexican food is bloody tasty stuff. Good thing too, because as a general rule of thumb, restaurants attempting to dish up international cuisine here suck. Really badly. Especially Chinese restaurants. I have found an ok Japanese place, but Sushi isn’t really my cup of tea. The Tandoor serves up some excellent Indian in Polanco, and is pretty reasonably priced too. But I already have a load of curry powders in my kitchen and can make a decent curry myself. Although their naan bread and popodoms are a nice treat.

But Chinese restaurants? There’s the odd crappy buffet style restaurant doling out generous portions of botulism and salmonella in the suburbs. And plenty of restaurants in the Chinatown area of the Centro Historico that cook up plates of food that look like they could have come from anywhere but China. Not good. I love Chinese food.

But I did read a blog post by a fellow DF resident telling of his joy at finding a relatively good, authentic Chinese just off Tlalpan early this year. Could it be true? A real Chinese restaurant? I went along with Paola this evening to find out. And lo and behold, the report was true. I feasted on roasted duck bathing in a dish of plum sauce. How I’ve missed that since moving here. If you’re in town and need to taste it for yourself, the restaurant is called Ka Won Seng, and the address is No.362, Calle Albino García, at the junction with Santa Anita. It’s a 10 minute walk from Metro Viaducto on Linea 2, which has a map of the local area on the wall near the exit.



12 thoughts on “Oriental Mexico

  1. Vato Loco says:

    I personally love the Hong Kin restaurant in centro historico. It may not be “authentic” chinese food, but it tastes soooo good.


    • There is a buffet I think is ok in the Centro. It’s between Belles Artes and the Zocalo, off on one of the pedestrianised side streets. They serve up some decent Sweet and Sour sauce. Not that that is hard to do, but a smothering of the stuff makes anything taste reasonable. The buffet is eat as much as you want for about 60 pesos I think, which makes it a good option on days when I’m living to a tight budget!


  2. thelmadatter says:

    Near Viaducto on Santa Anita one block east of Calazada de Tlalpan there is a good, reasonably priced Arab/Lebanese place. Great for vegetarians and their chicken dishes rock (just avoid the “Lebanese style chilaquiles”… I say that from personal experience)

    Gotta find the Chinese place!


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