Diigo Bookmarks

On the right hand side of my blog I have just two widgets. The top one shows my latest Twitter posts. A bit boring really. The one below it is a bit more productive, listing all my Diigo bookmarks. I don’t have a blogroll, because I wanted to keep my blog tidy, and blog rolls tend to be messy looking. But I like to read other blogs and save the good posts that might come in useful later. My last post on the Chinese restaurant is thanks to Diigo. I had saved David Lida’s post in Diigo under ‘restaurants’, and found it quickly and easily.

And of course, by using the Diigo widget on my blog, I share the good posts too. Almost the same as a blog roll, but prettier, and with pickier choices. I use Diigo solely to bookmark Mexico related blog posts, and sometimes news articles I stumble across.  I also use it to bookmark places, museums and events. I haven’t been doing it that long, hence the prominence of the words Swine and Flu in the Wordle graph of my tags to date. But I’ll keep on tagging and saving and maybe I’ll post another Wordle image at some point in the future to see what’s hot in Mexico. My Diigo account can be looked at by clicking here.



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