The Drought

The water supply in my hood gets turned off regularly because of shortages of the stuff. I’ve been through this many times before. Both experiencing the annoyance and as a blogger having a good moan. Sometimes its off for just a couple of hours. Sometimes for most of the day. Now and again it’s off for 24 hours, but never more than that. It usually goes off just when I need a shower before going to work.

It went off this morning, very early. It hasn’t come back. And we’ve just been told it isn’t going to come back till Saturday. Five days. And if that’s five Mexican days, then they probably mean we won’t get any water till next week sometime. Maybe. They’ve cut through a main pipe because they’re building a new metro line. Which is a pretty good distance from us, so that means they’ve cut water off to hundreds of thousands of people probably.

Five days. We have filled buckets for emergencies that get us through a day. But not five days. You lucky people who live in countries that aren’t full of idiots running essential utility services (and you may have thought that you do – but you don’t)  have no idea what it’s like to go without water. Washing dishes. Flushing the toilet. Brushing your teeth. Having a shower. Boiling the kettle for coffee. Just washing your hands before eating….

Of course, they gave us the usual amount of notice. In other words, we found out hours after the supply was cut off. Apparently they have leafleted, but we haven’t seen any. There are so many things that I can put up with, live without or otherwise tolerate in life. Little things that I don’t let affect my otherwise positive experience in Mexico. But an unreliable water supply just isn’t one of them.

Sadly, I’m looking forward to returning to London in a year or two, just so I can turn on the tap, with the confidence that something will come out of it. I should have known this year wouldn’t be a good one. The picture below is from my 365 project – taps turned on and running dry. That was my photo of the day for January 1st. It’s pretty much continued as it started.



3 thoughts on “The Drought

  1. This situation is only going to get worse with the current shortages… in my area we have had regular whole weekend cut offs since March… and are currently on a reduced supply… I read last year in The Futurist that in this decade water will be the new oil…seems to be happening a lot sooner here…


  2. It has to be said that this is an exceptional event. They don’t build new metro lines every day. Thank God! But even withstanding this having a different cause, the water supply generally does suck, and it isn’t going to get any better.


  3. Vato Loco says:

    Water supply will definitely get worse. It has not been raining enough, and the cutzamala system is so old and broken that most of the water is wasted before arriving to the city.


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