A Thousand Thank Yous

This is, according to WordPress, my 1,000th post. The truth is, I must have written a couple of thousand more posts since I began blogging. Or at least publishing thoughts and views on websites I have hosted. It all started back in 2003 when I first came to Mexico. I bought some webspace and designed a crappy but functional website at garydenness.com. Which I called, and made a big bold banner for, imaginatively enough, garydenness.com.

Then followed a few more sites using sub domains. Then in 2005 I went over to a proper blogging platform, courtesy of My.Opera.com. Which lasted a couple of years, till I used and abused that blog doing paid adverts. So I transferred all the content, post by painstaking post, over to Blogger. In fact I went back and transferred over all the content on my many previous blogs, the ones that I still had data for anyway, into one big merged blog. I did leave behind a lot of posts that I felt weren’t relevant to my blogging theme – too much trouble for too little value.

And then I got fed up with Blogger, and decided to use and abuse that for paid adverts too. So everything of worth got imported over here to WordPress.com. And here, I think, I’ll stay. WordPress.com is a pretty inflexible and limited platform. But that’s a good thing, I’ve decided. Blogs should be all about content, and are all too easily screwed up with dodgy themes, iffy gadgets and widgets and other general debris that makes its way into the system.

But anyway, here I am, with 1,000 posts that I have considered worthy enough to keep. How I’ve managed to find enough inspiration for 1,000 posts I’ll never work out. What I’ve done over the last six years that is worth that much virtual ink is a mystery. But I’ll hazard a guess, and head off any notes of congratulation, should that have been entering anyone’s mind. I’ve done Mexico. Which is enough for a thousand volumes, let alone posts. And then some. Here’s to Mexico! Three cheers and all that. Without Mexico, the Mexile would be nothing. Less than nothing. Gracias Mexico. A thousand thanks. Etc.

I’ll leave you with a video that I’ve downloaded and re-uploaded, to my own YouTube channel, hoping most sincerely that the owner of said video won’t mind. It is a promotional video for Visit Mexico, and it would be a tragedy if he or she can’t see the value of a promotional video being promoted.


10 thoughts on “A Thousand Thank Yous

  1. Well, I will say it, any way. Congratulations. You continue to bring a new perspective to my life in Mexico. Thank you.

    Someone forwarded the video to me a few months back along with some information on the composer and the title of the piece. I know it is an orchestral favorite in Mexico. Any idea? I am taken with the Cole Porter-ish syncopation.


  2. You´ve got one of the best-looking blogs (a word I dislike) around. And you write well, and you spell correctly, and you don´t have ads. And your wife is cute. Great work.

    Blogger.com works fine if you can control yourself and ignore most of the crap they provide for you to clutter it up.


    • Blogger is, in my opinion, still the best Blog platform available. It’s free, will accept domains without charging you, allows javascript and is completely customizable.

      But it’s easy to overdo it. And I’m a playful sort when it comes to that sort of thing. I couldn’t help myself. And I screwed around with my Blogger blog once too often. The problem, truth be told, was me. Not Blogger.


  3. I agree with Felipe. Your minimalistic design is absolutely awesome. Its readable, neat and elegant.

    Anyway, congrats on reaching the 1000 post milestone. Looking forward to a gazillion more!


    • A gazillion might be asking to much of my weary fingers, but I’m sure 1001 will be along soon.

      I used to host my blog on Opera, as you do…well, it’s still there, kind of. Easily my most successful post ever was on that platform. I woke up one morning to discover I’d had nearly five thousand visitors in a day, along with a couple of hundred messages. I ended up deleting about a hundred of them…the ones with foul language and death threats! Really…

      They rather misunderstood my post…I gave the results of MY poll for the New 7 Wonders, which didn’t include the Taj Mahal in the final seven. This was taken as a huge insult by masses of Indians who thought I was posting the official poll results and had omitted the Taj out of some kind of malice!



  4. Michael Andersen-Andrade says:

    Congrats on your 1000th post! I’m a “lurker”….someone who reads your blog but has never commented before….I imagine there are many of us. And thanks for the video…brought tears to my eyes and reminded me why I adore Mexico.


    • And congrats on your first comment, Mr Lurker! And welcome. I imagine there are many who look but don’t comment. Which is fine. I must confess, I myself do much, much more reading of blogs than commenting on blogs. I comment largely when I have something to say, and that is unfortunately not so often!

      But I hope you return for a few more comments in the future!


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