MAP – Again

I went to the Museo de Arte Popular once again on Tuesday. It’s my favourite museum on a number of counts. It’s got a great collection of Mexican art. It’s beautifully laid out. It’s English language friendly. The building is bright and airy. And there are rarely any big crowds. The last point is good for me, but perhaps no so good for the museums. I went there on Tuesday because I thought that was the free day. I think it used to be – it’s Sundays now however. But I didn’t begrudge parting with the 40 peso entry charge, not least after reading this post by Jim Johnston. Mexico City’s museums are having a hard time of it apparently. That’s pretty easy to believe what with all that’s happened this year. Swine Flu, narco wars, recession….

So as well as recommending a visit to the MAP in particular, and any of DF’s wonderful museums in general, I thought I might suggest making use of their donation boxes as well. Especially if you’re visiting on a day when entry is free. Just a couple of bucks. If it’s your last day, or nearly your last day in the city and you have a pocket full of pesos which are worth squat back where you came from, throw a few of them in the box.

As for my visit on Tuesday, it was as thoroughly enjoyable as ever. There’s an exhibition by Jorge Wilmot on at the moment, with a lot of his work, mostly ceramics, on display. Well worth a visit. I’ve uploaded a few photos as ever. Click here to seee a few photos of the MAP and it’s permanent collection, and click here to see a little of Wilmot’s display.



4 thoughts on “MAP – Again

  1. Surely you don’t mean to say you’ve not been here?! You must go. It’s almost like Coyoacan in a museum. In a good way. Plus more.

    It’s about two minutes walk from Metro Juarez. When you exit the station, look for an old church. I think it’s a church. You’ll see it, anyway. Walk towards it. Then take the first right down whatever road it is and you’ll see the museum on your left.


    • Are you not planning a visit to the big city? DF is a lot closer to you now than it was a year ago. It’s worth the journey. If you do decide to pass this way, remember to give me a shout.


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