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I survive in Mexico without any symptom of homesickness on two counts. Firstly, I come from the UK and whenever I think of home, I think of the weather. Secondly, this is the age of the internet. All the best UK television shows can be downloaded, and watched on my Zune when I travel hither and thither to classes. Podcasts of all sorts too, mostly from the BBC. They are free and legal!

I also love to watch programs about Mexico by the BBC or other British TV companies. Or even US telly companies. I’m not that fussy. Recently there’s been Feasts, Jamie Oliver in the Mexican community in LA, a documentary about Torre Mayor and a five part series called Tough Guy or Chicken, with 5 young male Brits travelling the world in search of a challenge. The latest episode was cave diving in the Yucatan.

But all I have to offer you here is a short podcast from How Stuff Works about Palenque. But Palenque, in Chiapas, is a special place. I visited the ruins, and the equally fab Agua Azul, in 2003. More than six years and many adventures later, it remains one of my most favourite places in Mexico. Along with DF, Guanajuato, the Copper Canyon and others.


2 thoughts on “Videos, Podcasts and Vodcasts

  1. Nice video. Had to notice, however, that half the narration would have been eliminated had the word “cool” been removed. “Awesome” comes in a near second. The young simply cannot talk, lack vocabulary.

    I was in Palenque once, in 1999. Very interesting. And, even though it was January, very hot. But well worth it. Great place, really cool and awesome.


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