For a long time I’ve been searching for the best way to view the photos of my contacts within Flickr. Flickr itself will show you each contacts photos as they are uploaded, but only the most recent five snaps. Not good enough. Friendfeed overcomes that problem, but your Flickr contacts have to be signed up to Friendfeed. Sure, you can add each contact manually as an Imaginary Friend. But I have hundreds of contacts. So….no. Then there’s Cooliris, or whatever the Firefox plug in is called these days. But I use Opera, which isn’t supported.

But I have found a solution, and the solution is called Friendbinder. It really is a passive site, although you can post updates to Twitter and Facebook from it. But no conversations within the page, ala Friendfeed. Which is a bit of a shame. Although I am fairly ‘passive’ with regards these conversations anyway. Maybe that will come in good time though. But nonetheless, it does show me all my Flickr contacts and all their uploads, in a visually pleasing way.



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