Mexile 365

For the last 324 days I’ve been doing a 365 project and posting the daily photos on my blog, Mexile 365. It’s been fun, and it’s nearly done. But for a long while I’ve been a bit frustrated with the template design. It looks nice, in my opinion. But only when it loads correctly. Which is fails to do often enough for my liking. I also came to wish I’d chosen a theme which allowed me to insert larger photos, with a width of, say, 600 pixels.

Anyway, because I’m generally pleased with the way WordPress.com has worked for me on this blog, I started one for my 365 project, imported all the photos, and have been effectively duplicating the Blogger blog ever since. Which I will continue to do, until the project is finished. Then I’m going to wait a month and delete the Blogger version, and keep the WordPress.com one. Which I will continue to use for future photo projects, and as my personal photography blog. The image below is of the new one, and you can go see it in the virtual flesh by clicking here.

If you don’t bother keeping up with my 365 project, then you’ve already read too much of this post. If you’ve got even this far. Do move along. If, on the other hand, you do follow it, well you can continue following the Blogger one, or the new WordPress one. The choice is yours. They are both, essentially, identical in content. In November, once I have my 365 photos, the 3six5.co.uk domain will get transferred to WordPress, and I will then screw up the RSS feed, as I did when moving the Mexile, and lose all my subscribers…. 😦



2 thoughts on “Mexile 365

  1. Okay, when you do decide to move the URL over, make another announcement and I PROMISE I will pay attention this time and update my feed reader. For now, I’ll keep to the old one but I do like your new layout.


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