Such Is Life

This post isn’t about Mexico. It’s about life. And how sometimes it just sucks. In a fairly non important way, at least on this occasion. About six weeks ago I bought myself an MP3 player that I could use when out running. What I really wanted was a small MP3 player that also had a reasonable screen size and battery life, and one of the latest little pocket camcorders. So I could video and photo my marathon run. I only had enough for one, so I bought a little Sony Walkman MP3 player.

And lo and behold, a few weeks later, Apple introduces a new iPod Nano that has a bigger screen, inbuilt Nike+ support, a radio, proper podcast support….and a camera. That takes video and photos. And pretty good quality videos too, for its size. And for the same amount that I spent on my Walkman. And for about the same money I spent. Such is life. I’d like to think I could get one for my birthday, but that’ll be too late. Any ridiculously rich person out there in the habit of gifting $149 iPods for no other reason than they can….get in touch.



2 thoughts on “Such Is Life

  1. I bought an iPod Nano a couple of years ago and connected it to my computer. It corrupted all the tunes on my hard drive, and then shortly after would not even let me connect the Nano to the computer. May Apple´s iPod rot in the Earth´s darkest nether regions. I will never buy one again. Now I have a Sansa.


  2. My experience with iPods in the past have not always been positive. But my biggest grumble wasn’t really with Apple, but with the bloke with the gun who took it….

    Although, it also pissed me off that Apple won’t help trace your iPod. Fact is that when it’s next plugged into an online machine, Apple will have the IP address, and thus the physical address of the ‘new owner’. They say they are not in the business of solving crimes and that their privacy policy prevents them from doing anything about anyway.

    Bollocks. They could easily add one more little check box when you first plug it in asking if you want your device to be tracked in the event of its theft, and forego the little amount of ‘privacy’ you have,


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