Rainy Season

It began last Saturday evening. I found myself trapped for an hour inside a building, held hostage by Mother Nature. Rainy season had begun. Months late, but it had begun. With a fury. To have stepped outside for a few seconds would have been like leaping into a swimming pool. Sunday afternoon brought more of the same, with electrical storms that pulled the plug on the electricity supply, ironically enough. We gave up waiting for its return and had an early night.

Monday was more of the same for us. For others around the city, with blocked drains, burst pipes and the continuing deluge, floods wrecked havoc. I’ve been moaning about a lack of water for months, and now we have plenty. Sadly, the wrong kind. From my point of view. I like the tap water stuff. From the point of view of the country’s farmers, its welcome. The sad thing is, the heavy rainfall isn’t good enough for any of us. Of course we need it, but it’s too late for the farmers. And none of the stuff you see in the video will, as I understand it, make its way to our supply. Rainwater isn’t collected.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

2 thoughts on “Rainy Season

  1. Kim G says:

    I was in Mexico City over Labor Day weekend (Sep 4th to 8th), and witnessed the amazing rain and flooding Sunday the 6th. What a tragedy to first have a drought, then so much rain you flood!

    It’s a pity it hasn’t solved the tap water problem either. Don’t quite understand that one.

    Hope you aren’t flooded.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’d love to share some of our {excessive} rain with others. Please.


  2. We’d all be grateful if you could send that Boston rain our way too….

    On a happier note, we aren’t flooded. Not with rain water anyway. There must be some new stray hounds in the ‘hood though, because the paths outside are positively swimming in poo. Not nice.


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