One Hung Tortuga

I had a bit of a surprise this morning. Not as big a surprise as Bob though. Poor, innocent, angelic Bob. I found him being violated by Itchy, the one male turtle in my pond. Well and truly, full on, no mistaking, properly inserted, violation of the highest order. I know Itchy is a bit flirty, but from everything I’ve read, these turtles don’t reach reproductive maturity till they’re about five. Bob is nearly there, but Itchy has three years to go! According to the book. But the book appears to be wrong. I’m just shocked. Shocked!

The most gruesome part was the moment Itchy decided he’d done his deed and withdrew. What he withdrew was not what I expected. No tiny little pecker there. A huge, black sack like penis that must have been a quarter the size of his shell. Or more. Took him ten minutes to pack it back inside his tail. Itchy is now in a separate aquarium, awaiting adoption by someone else! Anyone want a randy turtle as a pet? More to the point, am I going to have a dozen babies needing new homes in a few weeks??  He is cute. In a mischievous way. The photo below is Bob and Itchy half way through their’ act of love’.  It’s grainy, yes. But they don’t pose well at the best of times.



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