The Postcard Game

I’ve been sending out postcards to random, or regular, visitors to my blog for a little while now. Must be more than a year since I sent the first off. Maybe longer. It wasn’t really my idea. A fellow blogger on the Opera platform, Dave be his name, came up with the idea when visiting Washington. I freely admit stealing the concept from him, although my intent has twisted more to promoting Mexico than sending cards out to friends.

And why not? Getting a postcard through the letterbox from some random country is kinda cool. And I got another one from Dave today, out of the blue. I’ve scanned and added it below.  He’d been to the Burning Man festival in Nevada, and I suspect the postcard is one of his own photos that a company on the net turns into a proper postcard for you. Even cooler. So thanks Dave, and his best buddy Brian for the thought. I have a few postcards on my Postcard Page awaiting new owners to claim them – click here.Burningman


2 thoughts on “The Postcard Game

  1. Hey Gary!

    It’s nice to hear you got the card. The picture is from our visit to Burning Man in 2004. We realized at the last minute that we wanted custom cards to send out for 2009, so we selected that image, put a little text on it with the Gimp, uploaded it to the printing company, and paid a fortune for overnight shipping back, then left for the trip.

    On the address side, the postmark is a special one for the festival!

    Thanks for the nice mention and for your glorious blogs, and as always, for being a good friend.


    • Nice to hear from you over on this blog Dave! Wish you would visit here more often, but the Operites do tend to be a lotal bunch!

      I did look up the card company. It’s something I’d been thinking of doing, but I haven’t found a company (yet) in Mexico that does it.


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