Death On The Metro

The shooting at Balderas metro station in Mexico City has been pretty much featured on news sites around the world, but I have a couple of things to add. Firstly, it’s pretty much a given in this city that when a crime is being committed people will turn the other way. I don’t entirely blame them. But there are always exceptions to every rule. You could argue whether the man in the white shirt in the video is being heroic or stupid. But his bravery is beyond question. He leaves five children behind, which the government has promised to ‘adopt’. Financially speaking. I hope they live up to their promise. The policeman deserves a posthumous medal too. The amount of graffiti in the city tells you that not many people try and stop the artists from carrying out their work.

Secondly, despite the bad press the city receives regards violence, random shootings just don’t happen here. And even in this case, it would appear the chap only got trigger happy when people tried to stop his scrawling. Far more common here are mass deaths due to idiots building nursery centers next to tyre dumps, or stampedes when police raid night clubs with blocked fire escapes. ¬†Unnecessary death here tends to be more down to stupidity, carelessness and greed than outright intent.

The video below is CCTV quality (not high) but does contain the killing of the hero. Don’t press play if it’s not something you can stomach.


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