Postcard From Coyoacan

Coyoacan, the topic of my post today, lies deep in the city, surrounded by neighbourhoods much less bohemian. It wasn’t always like this. Not so long ago it was surrounded by fields and Popo and Izta really were visible. This postcard was bought from the newly done up market and is a scene of the town as it was (mas o menos) a little over a hundred years ago.

Want this postcard? It can be yours. Just leave a comment claiming it, and use the contact page to leave me an address to post it to. Anyone is welcome to claim it. Doesn’t matter where you live. Or whether you’ve even seen my blog before.  No strings attached. If this card has already been claimed, maybe there are some others waiting for addresses to be posted to on my Postcards page.Coyoacan


5 thoughts on “Postcard From Coyoacan

  1. Okay, how much did the Chamber of Commerce slip you for these two items? Man, I love that postcard. Never seen that photo before. That big green space is where the plazas are now.

    But you are correct. Coyoacán is great. If I lived in Mexico City, which I would never want to do full-time, I would want to live in Coyoacán. Lucky stiff.


  2. I should send them a bill for my services.

    There are a few other nice places. San Angel is one. I guess you could describe that town as a Coyoacan for the less well off. Marginally less well off…


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