The Lightshow

We missed most of the lightshow on Independence Day. Someone put a bloody great cathedral between our perch of the National Palace. No bother – they decided to replay it on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, at 8pm, 9pm and 10pm. So along we went yesterday to see it. Along with hundreds of thousands of others. And like tens of thousands of others, we didn’t get to see it. The photos below shows how close to the Zocalo we got. Not very. I’ve been to some pretty crowded events in the Zocalo, but never anything which came even close to what we experienced last night. So, dear Mexican government – great idea. Crap implementation. Suggestion – next time ticket the event. One of the main reasons we  turned back was the distinct possibility of a crush. Mexico has had enough tragedies lately, thank you very much.Lightshow


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