Last Chance To Donate

My half marathon is on Sunday, and I’m as ready as I’m gonna be. Minimal training, still haven’t given up smoking, but still confident of cracking the two hour mark. Maybe. We’ll see. I’ve also reached my goal of raising $300 for a couple of charities, mostly through paid advertising.

I have also had three donations to my cause from bloggers…thank you! That took me past the $300 target. More would be nice of course. It’s not easy to convince strangers on the net to send out cash, but I live in hope. You can still contribute. I’m doing the hard part after all – getting up at 6am to run 21kms. Not to mention all the crappy paid ads I’ve done on topics including vaginal rejuvenation surgery, dodgy weight loss mixtures and penis enhancements. Sending me $5 is easy by comparison!

And just to make it worth your while, every $5 you send gives you one guess at my finishing time. The guess that comes closest wins a prize worth a $100, as detailed on a previous post. So head on over to my Chip In page and send me the cash, all major credit cards and PayPal accepted, then leave a comment here with your guess.

By the way I’ve bought myself the new iPod Nano 5th Generation device. So I will be able to make a movie of my run after all. And listen to music. And record how many steps I take on the Pedometer. And other stuff that I’m still investigating. I chose a discreet silver coloured 16gb model in the end. Paola will be furious with my extravagance. I’m gonna have to sell the Sony Walkman and Zune I guess.



2 thoughts on “Last Chance To Donate

  1. I´ll chip in when you stop smoking! You´re a piece of work. Running a marathon with a pack of cigarettes in your waistband.

    Lots of luck with that chipping in. For a while I had a PayPal button on my one website of practical information on moving to Mexico. I think three people chipped in, and after a long spell I just removed the button. They left comments about how valuable the info was, but chip in? Nope.


  2. Your money is probably safe then….no sign of me quitting just yet.

    Getting people ‘Chipping In’ on a voluntary basis is hard work. Still, I convinced 3 people to go for it this year which is a record! I remain forever optimistic…


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