iPod Nano 5g Video

I bought a new iPod Nano 5th generation media player yesterday. A silver 16gb model. One of my primary reasons for the investment was for the video camera built into the device. Tomorrow I’m running in the Mexico City half marathon and have been wanting a pocket video camera for a while, to take along and record my run. And there are plenty of occasions where it would be nice to have something to hand to record a moment in time.

I haven’t bought it for pure video quality. That would be dumb. A Flip Mino or similar device will ultimately produce better quality footage. But nothing comes in a package this small, let alone with the additional feature list, which I won’t go into seeing as this is a photo blog. For convenience, this is tops.

But how’s it working out for me as a video camera? Well a lot of people have complained about the positioning of the lens. It is in an awkward place. But you can live with it. I dare say you even get used to it. The quality isn’t ultra sharp, but it does a better job that you’d expect, having looked at the teeny weeny lens it’s fitted with. The microphone also outperformed my expectations.

The proof is in the pudding. So below is a very short video of my Friday morning. Apples own promo videos are displayed in small sizes, and all is bright, colourful, sharp. And filmed in situations I’m unlikely to encounter when I want to use it. With a tripod device as well, no doubt! I used it in the worst circumstances. Hand held, walking, night time, overcast early morning….all the worst enemies of a camcorder in general. How do I rate it? If you want to compare it to a Flip Mino….poor. But as I’ve mentioned, that’s not a fair comparison. Compared to my expectations? It bettered them, just. I’m satisfied.


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