iPod Nano 5g Video Sample

I didn’t expect miracles from the tiny video lens built into my new Nano. And I haven’t gotten any. But it’s better than I thought it’d be, although when I embed the results with a 600 pixel width, it’s limitations are far more evident than when the video is viewed in a much smaller format.

Still, it has its uses. It’s there in my pocket ready to whip out and take some discreet videos at a moments notice. I can think of a few instances where I will use it to capture a few seconds, or maybe a minute or two, of life in Mexico City. For now I’m just playing with it. Yesterday I walked around Coyoacan, a bohemian little town in the south of the city, and tested the different video modes.

Normal, Infra Red, Sepia, Black and White, Thermal, Cyborg, Film Grain and CCTV are all on offer and I sampled them in that order. There are also another half dozen or so image altering modes like Mirror and Bulge which were frankly so stupid and useless that I couldn’t be bothered including those clips in the video. Of all of the modes, I like Film Grain the most. Because quality is a little low, this mode suits the camera perfectly.


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