September Photo of the Month

My 365 project continues, slowly but surely grinding towards its inevitable conclusion. Just another 18 days and 18 photographs to go. It’s been fun, but I’ll be glad when it’s done. But anyway, another month is complete, so I have another poll to let you, good people of the world, choose which of the selected snaps was the best in September.  Just click here and take a closer look at the candidates and cast your vote in the poll.Potm


6 thoughts on “September Photo of the Month

  1. Your photos look fantastic. Congratulations of nearing the light at the end of the 365 tunnel. I’ve got 91 days to go, ending Dec. 31st. I’m glad I stumbled upon your blog – I’ll keep in touch and see how things finish out for you.


    • Glad you stumbled upon it too….or I wouldn’t have found your 365. Which is great. I’ve been to Chicago and Milwaukee a lot as I have relatives there. The in-laws to be precise!


  2. The finishing line draws near! Congratulations on having to so far.

    Great selection of photos this month. The photos “me to infinity”, “Skeleton man” and “Silver man” are very novel and unique. Its a tough call between them.


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