The Boutique of Cool

There is a shop in Mexico City that is simply the King of Cool. The Emporium of the Bizarre. The Warehouse of Wonder. It sits on the road between Taxquena and Miguel Angel de Quevedo, not far from the turning for Coyoacan. It’s a huge place, stuffed so full of statues, ornaments, decorations, mirrors, paintings, prints, candlestick holders and everything else you could ever think of to kit your home out with. None of it is mainstream. A lot of it is a bit tacky. But all of it is worth a look, if you’re passing by. Even more so if you’re reasonably well off and looking for stuff to fill your living room with. Most of the photos below are on Flickr, full size. Click here.



2 thoughts on “The Boutique of Cool

  1. That sure looks like a Galeria El Triunfo. I´d put money on it. It´s a chain of stores, and they are about as weird as they come, as you noticed. There is one that´s walking distance from our DF abode. How come you did not attach a name to this place, neither here nor on Flickr?


  2. You’d win your wager Don Felipe. I forgot to attach the name, but now I don’t really need to. Gracias!

    I’ve only ever seen this one shop, but it is as weird as you say. And equally wonderful. Doesn’t it just make you want to fill up your house with plastic, junk and baubles? Or is that effect limited only to me?


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