Flickr Favourites

Since starting my Creative Commons Gallery over on my Posterous blog a couple of weeks ago, I’ve come to a couple of conclusion. Firstly, what I am doing. Every day I try and find a cool photo on Flickr that has a flexible CC license. In other words, photos that are not ‘All Rights Reserved’. I’m not modifying the photos, earning from them in any way or doing anything more than using them to create a gallery of great shots that have caught my eye. I use Flickr’s Explore feature to find photos uploaded the previous day that meet my requirements.

I’ve learned that very few people use the less restrictive CC licenses. Very few. Sometimes I can go through maybe 30 pages and find only one or two. Each page having ten photos. That’s a real shame. Some of them I’m sure are involved in the Getty/Flickr deal which requires the photographers to maintain an All Rights Reserved license. Some of them are pros who intend to sell their work. That’s cool.

But I’m sure a lot of them are simply being over protective of their photos. Sharing is good. Sharing is rewarding. Sharing is fun. Sharing is exposure. Sharing is fame. But at the end of the day it is their choice. I don’t use their photos in my gallery. I do, however, Favourite them. And since I’ve been looking through so many more photos over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been ‘Favouriting’ a whole load more photos. Click here to see the slideshow of the best of Flickr that I’ve come across. I’m hoping the image of thumbnails below, from my Faves collection, is covered under Fair Use rules!Faves


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