Mexican Revolution

I came across this site full of photos and manuscripts from Mexico in days gone by via another Mexico blog. I don’t remember which one now, or I’d give him or her the credit. It’s a collection of old Mexico photos, including quite a set from the Mexican Revolution. They have a decent amount of info for each shot too, so any Mexican history buffs would appreciate the site I suspect. For myself, it’s inspiration to create a few more fake old photos for my Once Upon A Time set on Flickr. The photos below are courtesy of Southern Methodist University, Central University Libraries and DeGolyer Library.Photos


7 thoughts on “Mexican Revolution

    • I have to say the ones with recognizable architecture still standing today do it for me. Tomorrow I’ll be in the Zocalo, and with just a little imagination, I can recreate the scene in my head.


  1. That’s an amazing collection of photos. Living in Cozumel, where building design is much more contemporary, it’s nice to see some nice colonial-type architecture from another era. Thank you for sharing.



  2. Hi, Gary. Enjoy your blog. The blog where you saw this was probably Mexico Bob’s. I am backtracking today and just finished reading his and went to SMU to look right before I came here. I am always finding neat stuff and forgetting where I got it. Actually, that is how I got to your blog the first time, no idea where from- maybe from Bob’s also.


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