The Donation Total

I ran the half marathon (mostly, apart from the last 2kms!), I finished the paid adverts I’d be doing, collected the cash and have now PayPal’d it over to the two charities. The Akumal turtle charity got their $100 last week, and hopefully Emm will receive her Turtle Adoption certificate soon. Today I sent the remaining $207.50 over to Wildcoast. It’s not a huge amount, but in total over the last three years I’ve raised more than $600, which is a worthwhile amount. I pat myself on the back! Someone’s gotta do it…

Thanks to everyone who donated (all three or four of you!) and  thanks to all of those who wrote about and linked to my Marathon blog. Those links gave me a Page Rank of 3 which enabled me to do the paid adverts which made up the bulk of the cash. I think I got about ten links in all….that’s about $28 per link. The Wildcoast receipt, minus blurry email and home addresses is below as a little proof of my deed, and because I always put an image with a post…

I’ve done a Metro Marathon, covering ever station on the Mexico City Metro system. I’ve climbed Mexico’s third highest mountain. And I’ve run the equivalent of a marathon, albeit by running two half marathons.  Now I just have to decide what to do next year. Something that is themes around the 200th Independence Anniversary would be cool. Any ideas?



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