Museo de las Intervenciones

Over the last month I’ve been moaning that I’ve seen everything that’s to be seen in Mexico City. And over the last month I keep stumbling upon cool new things I’ve never seen before. I should have kept my mouth shut. Not that I really thought I’d seen everything, I ought to add. Just that I revisit places a lot more than I discover them. Which is still true.

Yesterday I found a new museum, and one not far from home either. A war museum. Or more specifically, a museum dedicated to the many invasions Mexico has suffered at the hands of the French, Spanish and more recently the US. With lots of maps on display to show how the borders have changed over time. Mexico isn’t as big today as it once was.

The museum is set in a monastery just a block or two from Metro General Anaya, rather appropriately. I like monasteries in Mexico City. Not from any religious view point. Just because they almost always offer some tranquility and green, leafy spaces away from the constant thrum of people and traffic. Click here to see the photos on Flickr.



4 thoughts on “Museo de las Intervenciones

  1. Kim G says:

    Well, that blog entry’s a bit of a teaser. Did you like the museum? (aside from the building.)

    I’ve heard of this museum and have always wanted to see it. Perhaps next time I’m there.

    The courtyard reminds me of the Franz Mayer museum, which is quite lovely.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    • I think the resemblance to the Franz Mayer is a trick of my photography! There is the colonial feel and atmosphere which they both share, of course. I did enjoy the museum…I’ll return there again one day soon I’m sure. The exhibits are both interesting and well displayed, but as I touched on, I love the tranquility of a monastery. I’d like to go on a sunnier, warmer day next time though.


  2. Kim G says:

    By the way, have you visited Anahuacalli Museum? It is well worth the schlep south. And you can combine the trip with a visit to Mexico City’s automotive museum also, which is near the metro stop you’d use to get to Anahuacalli.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA


    • As if I could have lived here for four years and missed out on the Anahuacalli 🙂 Although it has to be said it isn’t the easiest to reach by metro. I think. I’ve only ever driven there.

      And I’ve done the Automotive museum too. Although I drove past that about a hundred times before I found a spare moment to stop and pop inside. It’s a whole lot bigger on the inside than it looks from the outside. It’s something of a Mexican Tardis….


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