A Birthday Gift From Carlos

One of my common gripes about living in Mexico City is the slack broadband service. There aren’t many options to choose from, and the main broadband supplier in the city is actually my only option – Cablevision haven’t made it to my ‘hood yet. So I’ve suffered with a measly 1mb line for the last few years, although that was at least better than the 1/2mb line on offer when I first arrived in Mexico City. Uploading speeds are poor too, which is annoying given the quantity of photos and videos I like to upload.

But this week, mysteriously and without any fanfare whatsoever, that I noticed, my connection was bumped up to 2mbs. With a proportional increase in uploading power. Strange. I’m not complaining though. I can only assume Carlos Slim has finally taken pity on me and, as it was my birthday this week, given me a little present of his own. For which I thank him profusely!speed


4 thoughts on “A Birthday Gift From Carlos

  1. Kim G says:

    The quality of both phone (cellular and fixed-line) service and internet in Mexico is disgraceful. The government needs to dismantle TelMex’s quasi-monopoly ASAP and allow in some foreign competitors. This slack service is a big impediment to a better standard of living in Mexico.

    Glad to hear your service is improving. Let’s hope it stays that way.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our Verizon DSL has performed pretty well over the years.


  2. From what I understand the service has improved beyond all comparison since Slim got his hands on it. So I’m told, but often and by many. I wasn’t here to experience it myself. Thankfully. That doesn’t, of course, mean it’s a great service, but that it somehow used to be worse.

    I’d like to see some competition here, especially in the broadband service. For me, pricing and slow net speeds are the big problems.

    I’m longing for proper Direct Debit to make it to Mexico too. I know they offer a similar service, but it’s more complicated than it needs to be.

    I’m already looking forward to the 24mb cable connection I’ll get when I return to London!


    • I’ve been to a few rural locations in Mexico, so I can imagine. You have my sympathy.

      (It’s another good reason for settling somewhere else too! Or have you made your mind up 100% now?!)


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