Adobe Lightroom Beta 3

I’ve been using Lightroom for a long time now as the principal tool in my photographic workflow. It’s powerful, fast and flexible. Love it. And I downloaded the new beta for Lightroom 3 as soon as I saw it, to see what’s improved. One feature that would be very welcome  would be a decent built in uploading tool to move photos off my PC and onto Flickr. They’ve gone someway in that direction. But I don’t like the direction they’ve gone.

You can now sync your Flickr collection and your Lightroom catalog. To do that, you need to authorize Lightroom within your Flickr account. See screenshot below. There’s something there I don’t like. The ability for Lightroom to delete my Flickr content. There have been a few nasty stories of Flickr apps deleting entire Flickr collections recently, and that’s simply not a risk I’m going to take. Not matter how small a risk it is, the consequences are huge.

It’s  a shame, because pretty much every other photo management/editing suite has Flickr uploading functionality built in to the software in an easy to use and safe manner. For now I’ll continue with Lightroom 2.3 with the Flickr export plug in I bought, that does exactly what I want it to do, and nothing more.



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