Photo Of The Year

The final Photo of the Month poll has closed, so it’s time for the final poll for my 365 photo project. The one to decide which was the best photo of the whole year. I started my 365 project on a Blogger blog, but with a few months to go, I put it all into a WordPress blog and basically ran the project in duplicate. My WordPress blog is the one I’ll keep and use as my general photography and photo project blog in the future. I’m undecided on the fate of the Blogger version. Delete or keep for posterity? Whatever I do, the http://www.3six5.co.uk address will in a month or so be transferred over onto the WordPress one.

I mention this because I’ve still always used the Blogger blog to host the PotM votes. But for this final poll I’m using the WordPress one, simply because it’s poll widget allows me to not only permit multiple votes, but also to place a limit on the number of votes a person can have. Because there are twelve photos this time, and only a limited number of people who vote, I’ve given each person three votes. So no need to ponder and agonize over which is your favouritist favourite….you can pick your preferred three. Click here to go to the poll.PotY


4 thoughts on “Photo Of The Year

    • No, in the Spaghetti Monster Republic of Gary, we simply chop the voting finger off. It’s just more certain that way. We also limit the number of elections a person can vote in to 10. It’s unfair to start on the toes as well… 🙂


    • We share the same opinion on one of those photos. I have to confess though, that I was never so taken with the city shots from the top of Torre Latinoamericana as everyone else seems to be.


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