What to do on an otherwise eventless Sunday when you lack the motivation to go on the weekly Ciclothon? We decided on Toluca. Day of the Dead is nearly here and the small city of Toluca, just an hour or so beyond Mexico City’s northern border hosts a candy fair every year to celebrate. Candy skulls, skeletons and coffins are the order of the day, in chocolate or pure sugar. The choice is yours.

Toluca has a few things going for it besides the annual Candy Fair. They have a pretty decent football team for a start. There’s also the Nevado de Toluca, a pretty big mountain that’s popular with climbers. I did it last year. And then there’s the beer. Grupo Modelo were founded here nearly a hundred years ago, and shortly after started brewing Corona which has since become one of the most drunk beers worldwide.

We visited the Modelo Museum which to be honest was the highlight of the day for me, even if I am on the tea total side of life these days. It’s big, colourful, fun and touchy feely. Lots of buttons to be pressed and levers to be pulled. Kids love the place. Whether it seems specifically designed to appeal to kids, and whether or not that’s a bad thing I’ll leave for you to decide!

I took photos. Many of them. It was a little strange picking up my camera again, having left it on a shelf untouched for a full five days since finishing my 365 project.  I hope to get a new one soon. Or soonish. Cash is the issue. Anyway, click here to see the Modelo Museum photos, and click here to see the Toluca Candy Fair photos.Toluca


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